Little Giants

Some kids just have it; they’re born with a special talent. From day one they feel the urge to create. Dance, art, film, writing, design or singing. There’s no stopping them. Some parents see the arts as a necessary part of their child’s education; some kids have to pave their own way.

Youth - Documentary

12 x 25


Katinka follows Bram, a filmmaking talent. More...

Katinka follows Bram, a filmmaking talent. Bram is a 14-year-old boy who wants more than anything to be admitted to the Film Academy. He enters all kinds of scriptwriting and filmmaking contests (even those designed for adults), gives high-level talks about filmmaking, and is very talented. Originally, his parents were not very into filmmaking, but now they learn the tricks of the trade from Bram. Bram's father is a marketing manager for a commercial company, his mother is a psychologist who works for the municipality. We follow Bram, among other things, during his participation in 48 hours on Cinekid, at home making films, and as he meets Burny Bos.

Katinka de Maar
12 x 25

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