Zoo Stories

Drama Series
award, youth drama series
10 x 10'
Simone van Dusseldorp
NTR Television
Cinekid Audiende and Jury Award
HD available

Youth drama series for age  4-6 about Appie (6) and Aisia (6). Their father, Luc, works at a Zoo, where Appie and Aisia experience lots of adventures and learn from the animals’ behaviour. They help scoop elephant droppings and feed the seals, but when Luc is busy they like to go off on their own and explore. They see dromedaries pooing, they learn about camouflage of animals, they sees a bear cub cuddling up to its mother, they help shave sheep on the children’s farm, they are impresses by the aquarium and they imitate crocodile’s behaviour by lying completely still.