Wild Boar

Music & Arts Society & Culture
Willem Baptist
NTR Television and Zuidenwind Filmprodukties
Mention Spéciale Visions du Réel, 2014
HD available

In nature only one rule counts; eat or be eaten. This documentary is a poetic, and visually arresting documentary about the curious relationship between man and the rise of the wild boar. The film tells a story about confusion, despair and opportunity amidst the invasion of unruly creatures that won’t abide by manmade rules and laws. From the dark woods where it originates, this almost uncontrollably dangerous creature goes deeper and deeper into our villages and cities but at the same time tickles our imagination and inspires us. This is an exploration of a society conflicted with nature and a reflection of the curiosity of human nature itself. Will we eat them or will they eventually devour us?