The Mother of Beauty

Projects Society & Culture
Beauty, Marilyn Monroe, Woman
Frank van Osch
Van Osch Films
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– IN PRODUCTION- (TO BE COMPLETED OCTOBER 2017) The Second World War is a radical episode in history, also in the United States. Over 400.000 young soldiers die for freedom. After the liberation, America is licking its wounds and the Hollywood industry and escapism seem to be one of the remedies. Miss Emmeline Snively, (May 2, Ohio, 1909) understand what America needs: she forms a modelling agency: the Blue Book Model agency, creating icons out of hundreds of young women who come to her agency.

One of these young women is Norma Jean. On the second of August 1945, she walks into Emmeline’s office for the first time and catches her expert eye. That day would not only be a turning point in both of their lives, but also in the history of the entertainment industry. The iconic Marilyn Monroe is born, and Emmeline lays the foundation for a new ‘Hollywood standard of beauty’, a standard that still appeals to the imagination till this day.

The filmmakers have exclusive access to the personal archive of Emmeline Snively. It was recently discovered by the owners of a fifties store in The Hague in Holland. Pictures and notes from this archive shed new light on the early days of Marilyn and the concept of beauty in the Hollywood of that time. The goal is to reconstruct, with the help of this newly found archives, how Emmeline created beauty and implemented it on the models she discovered. We will track down the models that are still alive, such as (give example). After all these years, and even after she passed away (1975) – Miss Snively’s philosophy of beauty is still a guide to Emmeline’s models.

Mother of Beauty will attempt to answer its central question: What is the meaning of beauty?