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Hello Salaam

October 20, 2017 , ,

Sil (10) and Merlijn (11) are about to go on a big journey: they will visit a refugee camp on Lesbos for a week.

The Girl of 672k

June 27, 2016 , , , , , ,

The Girl of 672k is a coming of age film about the imaginative  Annegien (15), whose creative talents draw ample attention in the virtual landscape of YouTube and Instagram. Her personal and artistic photographs on her Instagram account Fetching_tigerss reach over 672,000 followers, something most Youtubers can only dream of.

Backlight: Cyberjihad

June 13, 2016 , ,

Jihadists are fighting a war on social media. The propaganda they spread is getting ever more professional. Which virtual weapons will ISIS deploy to radicalise young people in the West? Why do young Europeans fall for ‘the medieval reality show’ of ISIS?


October 7, 2015 , , ,

During a dream, 7 year old Yuki is reunited with her sister Iwa (11), who has recently passed away. Together, they share an exciting adventure and along this journey, Yuki is forced to conquer her anxieties. Ultimately, she has to face her biggest fear: to live her life without her sister.