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Backlight: The End Of Cheap Nature?

November 27, 2017 , ,

Everything of value is defenseless. That is especially true when it pertains to nature, which we are losing on a large scale at an accelerated rate. For the global preservation of nature there is 300 billion dollars needed, but worldwide there is only 51 billion being made available per year.

Consecrated Ground / Hallowed Ground

October 19, 2017 , , , , ,

What can a cemetery tell us about a country’s culture and history? That is the central question posed in the documentary series ‘Consecrated Ground’. In the five-part EO series presenter Kefah Allush travels to cemeteries in Sicily, Amsterdam, Dublin, Sarajevo and Lisbon in search of Europe’s soul.

Backlight: Eurotopia

March 8, 2017 , , ,

The European Union is morally and culturally bankrupt, according to German philosopher and historian Ulrike Guérot. Time to carry the EU project to its grave. Guérot envisions a European republic that consists of 50 regions around clusters of big cities, with a recognizable identity and shared economic and cultural interest. A decisive Europe that reinvents itself.

Backlight: Next Stop Istanbul

August 3, 2016 , , , , ,

With neighbouring Syria in ruins and stricken by a civil war, Turkey keeps its borders closed in exchange for billions of euros from the European Union. Many Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans have managed to cross the porous borders and are now in Istanbul, the gateway to Europe. Will they stay there or is crossing to Europe too irresistible?

Backlight: Branding Europe

October 7, 2015 ,

The extent to which the IS caliphate seems to appeal to young Muslims, the strong Kremlin propaganda machine, and the unstoppable flow of migrants at the gates: Europe can feel the threat of it all breathing down its neck. There is an increasing urgency for Europe to restate its raison d’être. A clear and emotional story about what we are and what that is worth to us.