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The World of Kim & Bob

December 9, 2016 ,

Kim and Bob have been best friends since birth. Both have a rich fantasy and love playing together in the worlds they create themselves (brought beautifully to life by animation in the film). Even though they are almost thirteen.

A Cow in a Wrong Body

June 27, 2016 , , , , ,

Like all ‘horse girls’, Jantien (15) would really like to have her own horse, but she can’t have one. So Jantien decided to train her cow Mo instead. Mo is every bit as good as a horse. She trots, gallops, jumps and even competes in horse shows. When Jantien turns 16, she will finally get a horse. Will her love for Mo fade? A film about a special friendship between a horse girl and a cow.

The Girl of 672k

June 27, 2016 , , , , , ,

The Girl of 672k is a coming of age film about the imaginative  Annegien (15), whose creative talents draw ample attention in the virtual landscape of YouTube and Instagram. Her personal and artistic photographs on her Instagram account Fetching_tigerss reach over 672,000 followers, something most Youtubers can only dream of.