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Lenno & The Angelfish

November 27, 2017 , ,

A slice-of-life film, partly told through the eyes of a anglesfish, about Lenno a 10-year old boy who has a behavior disorder and goes to a school for troubled kids. The anglefish is known for it’s aggressive behavior. But under the right circumstances it can grow up to be a kind animal that lives in harmony with other fish in an aquarium.

Puck’s World

August 24, 2017 , , , ,

Filmmaker Gert-Jan de Vries has been filming his family for 20 years. When their daughter Puck is born, they get an eerie feeling. Nine months later they finally consult a paediatrician: Puck is severely handicapped.

Free as a Bird

June 7, 2017 , , ,

Imad (10) lives in a war zone. When he finds a bird with a broken wing, he brings it home and carefully nurses it back to health. This new friendship brings Imad joy, dreams, and strength. He learns to listen to his heart and finds the courage to choose a (new) future.