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Backlight: Cultural Barbarians

March 8, 2017 ,

A sculpture of a kneeling Hitler was recently sold for 17 million dollars. Has art turned into nothing more than a market, where only museums’ visitor numbers count, or the stardom of an artist such as Ai Weiwei? A new generation of artists is fighting this trend and creating explicitly activist art connected to a changing world.

Little Giants

April 16, 2015 ,

Some kids just have it; they’re born with a special talent. From day one they feel the urge to create. Dance, art, film, writing, design or singing. There’s no stopping them. Some parents see the arts as a necessary part of their child’s education; some kids have to pave their own way.

The Next Big Thing

January 31, 2014

Prices for contemporary art are going through the roof despite the lousy economic situation in general. Internet, the growing number of rich individuals and globalization have changed the art market beyond recognition. Has contemporary art become a commodity in the hands of the super rich private collectors?

Florentijn Hofman, Larger than Life

November 1, 2013

Artist Florentijn Hofman is conquering the world with his huge, iconic and witty sculptures. He is famous for his creation of the ‘Rubber Duck’. This inflatable duck has been floating in the waters of Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Osaka and Sao Paulo.