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The Baby

September 13, 2013 ,

In 1942 baby Anneke is taken away from her parents, who fled Germany in the early 1930’s and came to the Netherlands. Because she cannot go into hiding with them, she ends up in a foster home. When soon after war it becomes clear that her parents did not survive, Anneke, aged five, is sent to her aunt and uncle in de United States. There she grows up in a world where the past is rarely if ever discussed. Anneke is ordered look only to the future and not ask questions about her past.

In Line for Anne Frank

June 28, 2013

Day in, day out, year after year, a long line can be seen in front of the Anne Frank House. A line of patient waiters, consisting of all possibly nationalities. They are there, because they want to enter the Anne Frank Museum, because they want to see the Achterhuis.
The hiding place of the most famous victim of the Second World War: Anne Frank.