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Zembla: Dutch Roses from Ethiopia

July 1, 2016 , ,

One of the world’s largest rose producers is located in Ethiopia, the Dutch company Sher. Every day, Sher produces between 3 and 4 million roses for the European market. The roses carry the Fairtrade label, an international certificate for fair and sustainable products. Zembla travels to Africa and investigates how ‘fairly’ the roses are produced.

Backlight: Access to Africa

July 5, 2015 ,

The urge of technological giants to connect everyone and everything literally has no limits. Google wants to use balloons to form a shield around the planet and Facebook is experimenting with drones and a free Facebook app for mobile phones. At the moment, Africa is the continent with the most ‘white spots’ on the map: places without internet or mobile phone signal. There, however, developments have accelerated. Africa is joining the traffic on the digital highway.

No Man’s Land

September 28, 2014

In No Man’s Land Rudi Vranckx spends six episodes travelling across Africa from east to west: from Mogadishu, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, to Timbuktu, one of the most legendary cities in the world. He travels through Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Chad, Niger and Mali. His journey takes him to several important front lines of the future. He goes in search of stories about people in one of the least known regions on earth. His aim is to give people a face we do not know, we often don’t wish to know, and who we are only interested in when they are washed ashore in a boat on the Mediterranean.