Sunny Side of Spirit

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Burn-out, Culture, Psychology, religion, Spirit, stress
3 x 45:00
Sunny Bergman
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Does spirituality contribute to our mental health? Four out of ten people in the Netherlands suffer from symptoms such as depression, insomnia, ADHD and stress. What are the statistics in other cultures?

Sunny Bergman studied how people in Ghana, Taiwan and Brazil deal with these psychological symptoms, which are so common to us, in a completely different, often spiritual, way. What is the effect of that different approach? In the Netherlands, the word ‘spirituality’ carries associations that are mostly woolly. Rituals that are common in other cultures hardly play a role in our lives. Ghana, Taiwan and Brazil are often just as modern as western countries, even if traditional rituals are nurtured as powerful medicine. For grip, affiliation and a sense of fulfilment. Does that approach work? Sunny Bergman studied these three countries to see how spirituality contributes to the mental health. And what is a normal mental condition anyway?

Sunny, who had had a burn-out herself, wonders why four out of ten people in the Netherlands suffer from psychological or psychiatric symptoms. There is hardly a country in the world that spends so much money on mental healthcare as the Netherlands. Where do all these mental problems come from? Are they diseases of affluence?