Royal Palace Amsterdam: Fit for a King

Society & Culture
Royal palace Amsterdam
Eline Timmer
Bobcatmedia and AVRO Television
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On 30 April 2013, Queen Beatrix will sign the act of abdication at Amsterdam’s Royal Palace. This magnificent edifice at the heart of Holland’s capital has had a major facelift in recent years. Inside and outside, the building has been thoroughly overhauled: stone replaced, gilding on the pediment, new upholstery for the chairs, and the silver chandeliers have been cleaned.

This documentary focuses on the construction, the history and the restoration of the Palace. We see the craftsmen at work, and the architect, we see the quarry in Germany where new stone is cut and we watch as the building’s 25,000 stone blocks are catalogued. Also featured are the amazing wall hangings that were made in Italy according to a secret process. And we see how a team of international specialists restore the murals. Particular attention is paid to the room in which the succession will soon be ceremonially performed. Historical pictures of Dutch royals who have used the palace are interspersed with shots of the recent restoration.

copyright picture: Stichting Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam and Wim Ruigrok