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Free as a Bird

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Imad (10) lives in a war zone. When he finds a bird with a broken wing, he brings it home and carefully nurses it back to health. This new friendship brings Imad joy, dreams, and strength. He learns to listen to his heart and finds the courage to choose a (new) future.

Seven Mountains


Tom and Marnix don’t see any harm in doing everything together like they have always done, it is in their nature. Their parents and teachers think the boys are getting to old and try to seperate them.

Mister Braker

When Ramon (11) is on survival camp with his older brother he suspects that their camp leader, Mister Braker, is a werewolf. But Ramon’s brother isn’t interested  in the horror fantasies of his little brother. He is only interested in girls. Ramon is  forced to find out about the truth by himself.

Papa’s Tango

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Hannah’s parents are divorced. Her father is from Argentina and her mother is Dutch.
Hannah (12) loves to dance and adores her father. For Hannah dancing and her father are
two things that belong together. Her father Nano is homesick and wants to go back to his family and friends in Buenos Aires. But leaving the Netherlands also means saying good bye to his daughter.


Ara (11) and Mo (11) are very best friends. They live in an asylum seekers’ centre and there, life isn’t always easy. Especially when one day, one of them suddenly disappears without a trace.
Will they be able to find each other again and regain their friendship, or will they have to learn to live on and make the best out of the situation? The memories of their time together will certainly stay forever, and a new comforting friendship with Nargiza (11) arises.

Criss Cross

Jurre and Kiki (8) are constantly squabbling. Their parents are divorced. Spending a lot of time with their grandpa, they regard his house as their real home, even since they’ve moved with their mother to Ibiza.
But after grandpa suffers from an accident and his house is put for sale, the kids return to the Netherlands to help him. Without money they start their trip criss cross through Europe. They meet colourful people and experience the wildest adventures, which makes them learn a lot about themselfves and each other. But will they be on time to prevent the house from being sold?

Johnny Bakru

Rose (10) is leading a happy life together with her cool mother, her four funny brothers and a limousine, when the charming popular singer Johnny Star walks into their lives and Rose’s mother falls head over heels for him.

Clothes on, Clothes off

Twelve-year-old Frans faces a dilemma. Her parents are nudists and every year the family goes to a nudist campsite. In the past Frans didn’t have any problems with it, but now, as an adolescent, she has no desire to be subjected to the searching gazes of other campsite guests. But she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents either.

Anything goes


In this Emmy Kids Award winning short youth drama the viewer meets with Tygo (11). After moving from Brabant to Amsterdam, Tygo gives a class talk about carnival. What starts as a general explanation of the festival, turns into a personal and poignant account.

The Datcha

Jordy is an eleven year old boy who’s family has not been functioning after his homesick mother went back to her homecountry Russia.

Anouar and the Moon

At the home of Iranian Anouar (10) the curtains are closed day and night and his mother lies in bed all day. To get the light back in the house and to give his little sister comfort, he decides to catch the moon for her.

Yim & Yoyo

Yim has no friends in school, because he is too shy to speak. He is alone quite often, because his mother works both a day job and a night job. But at home Yim has the biggest adventures with his imaginary friend Yoyo, the panda bear he has been drawing for years. Together they hunt the dragon that has been plaguing China, or at least Yim’s imagination of his mother land.

A Wooly Good Cause

Sila is eleven years old. Being fond of animals she decides to never eat meat again. However, Sila’s father is a butcher. When he brings a sheep home for slaughter, the time has come to act: Sila decides to free the sheep.

Sweet Love

Sweet Love is a Mini Movie Musical about invincible love and how candy was given back to the people.
It is an epic love story in a city where all the candy is in the hands of one man. The candy factory owner, the mayor and even the policemen, all parts are played by children.


When the young boy Mimoun needs to get his hands on some money to buy his big love Soraya a gift, he seems to get dragged into the criminal wake of his older brother Ab.

Mina Moes

Little stubborn Mina is crazy about Minnie Mouse. She puts on her black ears to school everyday. Her mother and teacher want her to act normal and think she should dress the same as the other children.