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Puck and the lost sheep

Puck (5) is taking care of her pregnant mother, but with her well-intentioned help she creates a lot of chaos and has to stay with her nephew Stijn (6) on the farm. There she takes care of the pregnant sheep with the blue dot. But one day this sheep doesn’t return from a hike and Puck feels really guilty. She takes her responsibility and together with Stijn they go looking for the sheep. But in the meantime there is a panic on the farm as Puck and Stijn are not there. The sheepdog Pink is looking for them.

Zoo Stories


Youth drama series for age  4-6 about Appie (6) and Aisia (6). Their father, Luc, works at a Zoo, where Appie and Aisia experience lots of adventures and learn from the animals’ behaviour. They help scoop elephant droppings and feed the seals, but when Luc is busy they like to go off on their own and explore. They see dromedaries pooing, they learn about camouflage of animals, they sees a bear cub cuddling up to its mother, they help shave sheep on the children’s farm, they are impresses by the aquarium and they imitate crocodile’s behaviour by lying completely still. 

Mystery Island

A thrilling daily series about a family (father, mother, six children) who are stranded on a deserted island that seems to hold a big secret.

Jesse’s World

Jesse (6) lives on the coast, right on the dunes. Jesse’s father is a sailor, his mother is at home. Jesse’s world stretches out from his home in the dunes up to the infinite sea. Driven by curiosity and the longing for his father, Jesse goes out for adventure every day. Sometimes by himself, sometimes together with the girl next door, Aaf. Nature stimulates all Jesse’s senses and challenges him to get out and explore the environment. He has an eye for the changing beauty of nature. 

The Lion’s Den

Daniël and Suzina Durvers aren’t ordinary children, who live in an ordinary house. No, together with their parents, their kid sister Littel and their grandpa, they live in the middle of Durvers’ Zoo.

My Dad’s a Detective

Whenever detective Max gets a new assignment, his son Sam and his friends come along to crack the case, invited or not. As the young detective squad is propelled from one hair-raising adventure to another, they grow from kids into teenagers and also learn to unravel life’s other mysteries, such as friendship, first love and finding out who they really are.

Caps Club

The Caps Club I – the Mystery of the King of Spades (series for age 7-14) exists of five children and was founded by Tom and Sam. Tom always wears a cap, and therefore is nicknamed Cappie. This explains the origin of the name of this special club. From the secret tree hut, named The Caps Hut, they will solve the Mystery of the King of Spades. It all begins when a painting is stolen and the discovery of a strange device and six playing cards.

The Westwick Four – The disappearance of Bo Monti

It is summer in a place called Westwijk. The coastal town is packed with tourists. Everyone is looking forward to the Bo Monti concert. Bo Monti is a very popular singer. The tickets are sold out in no time, but Westwijk’s Four: Chris, Koesja (the dog), Jack and Tessa know how to get into the Open Air Theatre.


Abigail is 6 year’s old and probably the most curious girl from the South East part of Amsterdam. Together with her parents from Suriname she lives in an appartment complex. Abi roams around from door to door, always seeking for new adventure. And because of her curiosity she sometimes runs into trouble. But Abi always finds a way out of awkward situations. In a playful way Abi’s adventures inspire to overcome prejudices against other cultures.