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Little Fire

Noëll – Little Fire – Schulte, an 11-year-old boy with autism, isn’t the most easy going type and has a hard time connecting with people. When Noëll gets Gerrit, a though buddy with a motorcycle, appointed to him they head of on an adventure.

Lenno & The Angelfish

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A slice-of-life film, partly told through the eyes of a anglesfish, about Lenno a 10-year old boy who has a behavior disorder and goes to a school for troubled kids. The anglefish is known for it’s aggressive behavior. But under the right circumstances it can grow up to be a kind animal that lives in harmony with other fish in an aquarium.

Fighting Against The Wind

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Amber (12) doesn’t have hair. She will never know the sensation of the wind blowing trough her hair, like the models in shampoo advertisements. But Amber is positive about her situation. Every year she gets to choose a new wig. Every year she gets to decide what kind of a girl she wants to be.

The Childeren’s Mayor


Yassine, an eleven-year-old Dutch-Moroccan boy, is the Children’s Mayor of Gouda. He wants to get rid of prejudice by encouraging children of different backgrounds to spend a day with each other. Especially for this plan, he became a Children’s Mayor, to attract a lot of attention for it.

Andy’s Promise


Thirtheen-year-old Andy made a promise to his grandfather and mother: never to abandon the militia, which was their pride and joy. Due to the shortage of youth members Andy has been the youngest member of the club for years now.

The King of Twirl


Janero (11) can not sit still, he’s alway dancing. He wants to prove himself and be the best in twirl, a sport that’s traditionally just for girls.

Chenelva & Sheneeva


In this youth documentary (14′) we meet with Chenelva and Sheneeva, the conjoined twins who live in Amsterdam and are joined at the back of their heads. Despite their disability they hold a surprisingly positive view on life.

Ahmad’s Hair

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Syrian refugee Ahmad (12) just arrived in The Netherlands. While he is busy integrating in Dutch society and trying to make Dutch friends, it turns out he’s also on a personal, heart-warming mission.



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Alfredo Lorenzo (13) has a dream: he wants to be the best magician in the world. This isn’t a random wish as his whole family works in the entertainment industry. He was raised performing magic and comes from a long line of artists. For this reason his whole family is helping him to realise his dream. To achieve this, he has a tough road ahead with lots of practice, performances and magic performing competitions. Alfredo’s life seems like one big show, but what does it really take if you have decided your future profession at such a young age? How does Alfredo deal with the pressure, the intense training and life in the limelight’s?

Scott and Julia


Scott is a happy and fearless young man of 15 when he is involved in a terrible accident. He may never walk again. Fortunately, he’s got Julia, his great love and and support .When she’s here, it feels like I’m part of the normal world again’. With Julia he can laugh and she takes Scott out for a walk, which is difficult for him now. But Julia has her own busy life, she can’t always be there.

The World of Kim & Bob


Kim and Bob have been best friends since birth. Both have a rich fantasy and love playing together in the worlds they create themselves (brought beautifully to life by animation in the film). Even though they are almost thirteen.

Mies goes to Hollywood

‘Mies goes to Hollywood’ tells the story of Mies (11) who knows one thing for sure: she will become a famous actress. Mies is fortunate to have a successful director as her father; the relocation of her family from Amsterdam to Hollywood is the chance for Mies to pursue that dream. And she grabs it with both hands: she indulges in her new, sunny, Californian life, with big Hollywood mansions and swimming pools. With the help of a manager, coaches, dance classes and auditions she does everything she can to succeed. But she must also learn the language, do a lot of homework, make new friends and go to the orthodontist. Will Mies be able to realize her dream of becoming an actress?

A Cow in a Wrong Body

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Like all ‘horse girls’, Jantien (15) would really like to have her own horse, but she can’t have one. So Jantien decided to train her cow Mo instead. Mo is every bit as good as a horse. She trots, gallops, jumps and even competes in horse shows. When Jantien turns 16, she will finally get a horse. Will her love for Mo fade? A film about a special friendship between a horse girl and a cow.

The Girl of 672k

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The Girl of 672k is a coming of age film about the imaginative  Annegien (15), whose creative talents draw ample attention in the virtual landscape of YouTube and Instagram. Her personal and artistic photographs on her Instagram account Fetching_tigerss reach over 672,000 followers, something most Youtubers can only dream of.

Full Proof

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This science series for children (age 7-12) drags science out of the classroom and takes experiments outdoors. Each episode is hosted by a different child from a different country in the world. They do a number of surprising experiments revolving around on central theme, like ‘magnets’ or ‘surface tension’. These experiments are simple and easily replicable with the contents of an average kitchen cupboard. FULL PROOF translates science into the coolest part of everyday life.


Tom is one of the very few boys in the Netherlands who eats raw. The Raw Food Diet originated in the United States. It requires all food to be eaten as nature intended it – not fried, cooked or heated in any way. This means that Tom can’t eat bread, meat, fish or dairy products. What does he eat then?


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Martinus’ Plak is a campsite in the Dutch province of Brabant, and its name hides a touching, personal story. The regional word plak means “pasture,” and Martinus is the first name of its former owner, the father of 10-year-old Jolijn. Speaking in voice-over, she introduces us to her family and her home – to the campsite, the animals, her sisters and her mother.


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Why do you have to do what everyone else does and why does everyone have to look the same? Ninnoc struggles when she is in a group. She doesn’t just want to adapt to the others, but she’s also afraid of being excluded. Can you deviate in a group? Or will you then end up alone?

Full of Dreams

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Anne Fee (10) lives together with her parents and brother in a house with eight mentally disabled people, a socalled ‘Thomashuis’. With two of her housemates, Bob (24) and Olivier (25) she dreams of becoming worldfamous.


SkateKeet is a documentary about Keet, a ten-year-old girl, whose skateboard skills have attracted attention in a skate world dominated by boys. Besides getting respect from her fellow skaters she also encounters lack of understanding from others. Keet rolls through a world of pre-conceived opinions on how girls should be, while carving out her own path.

My Dearest Jayvano

“I was only 13 years old when I got pregnant with you.
Your father was 15. I have been a single mom for 3 years now, because your dad is not here.”



OPPOSITES is a cinematic experience that connects the lives of two strangers Mayra (11) discusses with friends the idea of meeting a person totally opposite than herself. How does this stranger look like? What kind of person is he? What should she ask him if they met?

Pien: Queen of the Bees


Since ten-year-old Pien was told that bees are under threat of extinction, she has found her goal in life: saving the bees. Together with her friend Bouwe she comes up with plans and actions to stop the bees from dying out. She has set up some hives in the back yard and dreams of a visit to the field of rape seed that is the bees’ paradise in terms of nectar. This coming spring she would love to take her bees there, so they can do what they do best.

I’ll Fly Higher (Volando Voy)


Two young brothers wander around in a big empty world without a clear destination. As society rages on around them at only a few yards distance, it couldn’t seem farther away. Together they try to escape from reality, but how do you relate to an undeniable world that you don’t seem to be a part of?

Flips and Splits

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Flips and Splits is a documentary about two young sport talents. The eleven year old Cheyenne is in Rhythmic gymnastics and the 10 year old Prince is in gymnastics. They are two totally different kids but they have the same passion for their beloved sport. They have a really busy training schedule but can they still enjoy free time like other kids?


Fame Academy

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Fame Academy is a TV reality series that takes place at a school for the performing arts, where students are trained for a career in the spotlight.

Ring a Ring o’ Ritalin

Nike is a 7-year-old, touching and wise young girl. She has to take Ritalin at home and at school, due to an ADHD diagnosis. If she could decide for herself, she would quit these pills immediately, because Nike doesn’t want to be different from her friends.



Everyone has to deal with loss at some point in life. And however large or small that loss may be, it always hurts. The three young children in this somewhat stylized film can attest to this, and they do, candidly and in detail. Their experiences are all different, as are their ways of dealing with them: whether it’s losing a favorite stuffed animal, an important fencing tournament or an older sister.

Little Giants


Some kids just have it; they’re born with a special talent. From day one they feel the urge to create. Dance, art, film, writing, design or singing. There’s no stopping them. Some parents see the arts as a necessary part of their child’s education; some kids have to pave their own way.

Straight with you

Is a documentary about Melvin (11), who has a secret: he is not into girls. Although his family knows, he’s afraid to tell his schoolmates, as he thinks they might start bullying him. What should he do when the coolest girl in his class sends him a love letter?

For Floppy’s Ears only

A moving portrait of Lulu (8). Even though she is a lively girl, she can immerse herself
into her own world. She sleeps surrounded by all her stuffed animals. Her stuffed animal
Rabbit is the most important one. Rabbit has a voice, the one of Lulu’s mother Bibian, who
died only a year ago after a short and intense sickbed. Now that her mother has passed
away, Lulu’s connection with Rabbit has become even more important. In this documen tary we take a look in Lulu’s life as she tries to rebuild it. She is supported by her father and brothers, but most of all finds strength through her own creativity and resilience.

Giovanni and the Water Ballet

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Giovanni (10) has a dream: he wants to compete in the Dutch Synchronized Swimming Championships. Because his chosen field is viewed as typically one for girls, not everybody is as understanding as they could be. But Giovanni runs his own race and Kim, his (girl)friend does get what he is trying to do. When they are alone they chat about the future. Will Giovanni be able to take advantage of Kims support and make it to the Championships?


Johan (12) dreams of going out and discovering the world.  He decides to join a camping trip: a survival week in the woods. During the camp he finds it difficult, being the new boy, to secure his place in the group and then as night falls he suffers an attack of pitch-black homesickness. Johan fights an internal struggle to overcome his fears in order to become a valuable member of the scouting group.

Bye, Bye

Eleven-years-old Denise is going to emigrate to France were her parents bought a camping site. Before she leaves she organises a farewell party to say goodbye to all her Dutch friends but she’s not happy at all. She feels very insecure about this new country were she has to go to a new school and doesn’t speak the language.

I am Strong

Whenever a dog is near, Greg would prefer to walk a few blocks around it or scale a fence. Not surprisingly, his summer vacation on the beach is a veritable nightmare. All those exuberant dogs running around give him a panic attack. Therefore, Greg decides to take a course to get over his fear. From this moment on, he thinks “I’m strong” whenever he walks past a dog.


Thirteen -year-old girls talk frankly about adolescent subjects like growing “tits,” kissing, boys and being too fat. All major issues are discussed over chips and Coke and the presence of the camera doesn’t seem to bother them at all.


Nima is a Somali teenager, who has lived in a centre for refugees for five
years now. Meanwhile she and her mother are in aniticipation for a permanent residence
permit. Then the letter arrives…..

Julian is stubborn

Julian wants to be a farmer when he grows up. He was talked about it since he was a toddler. Other kids have told him he is crazy, his parents have told him he will never succeed. But Julian’s mind is made up: to live and work on a farm is the best life he can imagine.

Krispijn is stubborn

Krispijn and his family live in a quiet suburban home in a friendly town with a nice school. And that is Krispijns biggest problem: it is so boring! Nothing exiting ever happens there! Luckily Krispijn has an enormous imagination. He has created a world inside his head, full of fights, blood, struggle and explosions.

Anja is stubborn

Anja is spastic and has been in a wheelchair ever since she can remember. Anja is making a video clip about walking, because, as she says in the film:” to walk is still my greatest wish”. Anja tells what it is like to spend your whole life sitting down.


Jolanda is 13 years old and has Down Syndrome. Since kindergarten Jolanda has attended regular schools. With lots of extra help and a personalised programme she’s managed to get to 7th grade. Now the moment has come to transfer to a special school for handicapped children.

French Kissing

Thirteen-year-old Malissa, finds her first year at secondary school quite difficult and than there is Roy, the cutest guy in the whole world. It is with him that Malissa would like to share her first French kiss. But for that to happen, he has to like her! Malissa’s girlfriends decide to give her a helping hand.

Search for Loedertje

Willemijns whole neighbourhood was wiped out by a firework explosion. She lost her house and all her things, but most importantly she lost her cat Loedertje. She gets permission to go back through the gates that now surround the area to look for him.

Better be Different

Robert is always the laughing-stock at school and he decides to do something about it. He wants to change his hair and follows a diet. He also goes to a club were he learns to stand up for himself. But inside he won’t change. He’s proud of what he is and does not want to give that up.

The Ugly Kids Club

Arzu, Daniëlle, Mireille, Nazle and Roos started a club named after a book: The Ugly Kids Club. In the beginning they see each other every day but now, when a part of the club members passed on to secondary school, it is hard getting the group together. How long will the girls be able to keep up their friendship?

Cherry Flip

This is the story of Sharon Resseler and her passion for figure skating. She and seven other girls are getting ready for the Dutch National Youth Selection Games. She and her best friend Nathalie always fight for the first and second place. Just like today, during the National Championship. 


Puberty is not always easy, especially if you are a boy and your classmates are mainly girls. This is the situation for Tom, Borre and Benny in the first year of secondary school. While they want to play in the street they also want to be ‘cool’ and attractive for girls.

Living in 2 houses: Renée

Ever since her parents divorced some time ago, eleven-year-old Renée has lived in two different houses. She takes turns between her mother Niekie and her father Eric, who lives with his new wife and their one-year-old son. Renée has her own room in each house, but has to obey two different sets of rules.

Living in 2 houses: Merel

When your parents are divorced you have to make all kinds of decisions such as where do I make my homework? Or do I want to go on holiday with daddy or mummy? Merel (13) was 4 years old when her parents divorced. She is completely used to it, but since some weeks Merel is allowed to decide by herself when she goes to her father or her mother.

Living in 2 houses: Julia

Julia is an eleven-year-old girl who had a very unpleasant experience. Three years ago, her parents got divorced. Now she lives partly with her father and partly with her mother. Julia is pretty much over her sadness about the divorce. But her life has changed a lot. Her family is much bigger now and therefore her family life is much more vibrant.

I’m a Girl


Thirteen-year-old Joppe is a typical adolescent girl. She’s fascinated by boys and make-up. Joppe is constantly in love – currently with Bart. But Joppe has a secret. Joppe used to be called Job. She was born a boy. If Bart agrees to go steady with Joppe, Joppe will have to tell him the truth.

A Dress for Anuschka


Nine-year-old Anuschka dreams about having a fantastic dress. Her father is getting married to stepmother Kitty, who has lived in their house for the past two years. But the family has hardly enough money to live on. Their situation is so bad that they have to go to the food bank. Will Anuschka get her bridesmaid’s dress?

Clothes on, Clothes off

Twelve-year-old Frans faces a dilemma. Her parents are nudists and every year the family goes to a nudist campsite. In the past Frans didn’t have any problems with it, but now, as an adolescent, she has no desire to be subjected to the searching gazes of other campsite guests. But she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents either.


Eleven-year-old Colin wants to change his surname. His parents are divorced. He has hardly any contact with his father, which is why he wants to be called by his mother’s name. But according to Dutch law, a child can’t to choose his own name until he is 12. Colin has no idea how his impulsive father will react.


Twelve-year-old Azza is caught between two cultures – the liberal culture of her Dutch mother and the strict Islamic culture of her Egyptian father. She goes to an Islamic primary school and after the summer she will be going to grammar school, where hardly anyone wears a headscarf. Will she stay loyal to her father’s culture or will the headscarf go?

Jamey’s Fight

Jamey (16) has had a stammer since age four and doesn’t know any different. He’s tried any number of things, but nothing helped. Still he manages to pluck up courage once more to clear the last hurdle and overcome his stammer, since he wants to apply to a sport academy where he will have to teach classes.

Just Kids

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Every child has the right to a happy life. That is what Just Kids is all about. Convention on the Rights of the Child Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989 entry into force 2 September 1990, in accordance with article 49.

Bullied: Lwiza


Lwiza is twelve-years-old and about to leave primary school. She has been bullied her entire school life. In the beginning she was bullied because she was considered being too fat. Later on because she started having pimples. Lwiza doesn’t understand why her school mates bully her. There is nothing she can do about it. But there are days she would love to be skinny.

In the old days Lwiza got angry and upset but now she tries to ignore the bullying. By making proper observations she invented a theory to prevent the bullying. Will this new theory help her at secondary school?

Bullied: Justin


Since first grade Justin (10) has been bullied. Almost every day he comes home with bruises or tells his mom that children spat on him. One time, his school mates put a skipping rope around his neck and tie him to a climbing frame.
Justin changes school but unfortunately the bullying has continued. Even at the soccer team he is tormented by team mates.
Justin asks himself ‘Why me?’ And why can’t his parents help me?

When I Look in the Mirror


When I look in the mirror, I don’t even recognize myself. Got the heart of a winner, but looking back at me is someone else.

It happened in a matter of seconds. A burst of flames set fire to the body of Dilan Kaya (15) and caused severe burns. The accident literally scarred her. Will Dilan ever be able to smile again?

Taking the Plunge


Kaleigh can’t swim. And that she finds annoying. Especially because she is ten-years-old and she still has to wear these terrible childish orange life belts around her arms. She hates them! Sometimes when a friend invites her for a birthday party in the swimming pool, she would rather pretend to have a belly-ache, than admit she is not able to swim. How can it be that she never learned to swim? But now she is determined to take the plunge. She will swim through this big hole in the deep water and get her swimming certificate!

Jan’s Mother


Jan his mother has been in prison for more than a year. Jan misses her terribly and worries about her a lot. He doesn’t know if she’s safe there. He can’t talk to her when he wants to, and when they do see each other they don’t talk about the real issues. Jan talks to his friends and his grandmother about the things he struggles with. In the course of the film he musters the courage to finally have a conversation with his mother to find out how she’s really doing.

All of Me


In this documentary we meet with seventeen-year-old Diede that has been bullied in the past. She didn’t have any friends and felt alone. She never wants to feel that way again. That’s the reason why she tells nobody that she is able to see ghosts, not even her best friend Emma. Or should Diede actually tell her, even though it will put their friendship at stake? Will she take a chance? A film about the courage it takes to be special.

Dancing with Style


In this documentary we see the fourteen-year-old Eugène who has been dancing since he was six. Not really something boys should be doing, at least, that’s what his classmates say. Although Eugène is bullied at school because he likes ballroom dancing, he won’t be put out of his stride. This year, he’s going to show the whole school that he’s a really good dancer and he won’t be put down. Will Eugène succeed in convincing his schoolmates that ballroom dancing isn’t silly? A film about Eugène dancing his way back to self-confidence.

Tough Cookies


Doing the laundry, ironing, helping someone out of bed, cheering them up, making sure there’s food on the table… These are not things you often think about as a kid. Yet for many kids it’s a daily job. At home they help care for their ill or disabled father, mother, brother or sister. Tough Cookies delves into their lives full of responsibilities, which they shoulder with perseverance, humor and love.

My Father

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In this series we follow nine children, and each of them is living with a father or mother with a special story. We meet with the nine-year-old Marit who shows us what it’s like to have a father (55) who does not recognize her anymore, due to the fact that he suffers from dementia.

Flying Anne

Anne is 11 years old and acts crazy all day. She has the syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette. In other words, she suffers from obsessive-compulsive behaviour and twitches – 60 seconds a minute. Anne would like to choose her moments of madness herself, but she can’t. Outside the home she’s ashamed, and being inside drives her crazy.

Little Mo

Although Mohammed isn’t that tall yet, he’ll be going to high school next year. This short documentary follows his life during the final weeks of middle school. He may be a bit of a rascal, but he opens up to filmmaker Sjoerd Oostrik about the changes in his life. He complains about the weird clothes his classmates have to wear for the musical they’ll be performing as a farewell, and laughs that he has it easy: he’ll just be playing himself.

Cap or Kippah

Cap or Kippah is about a child living in two worlds. In the one, he prefers to cover up the fact that he’s Jewish, in the other he comes clean about it.

Sarah’s Night

Eleven-year-old Sarah suffers from insomnia. Will her problems be solved if she accepts the fact that she’ll never be able to live with her sick mother?

I’m never afraid!

Mack’s (8) room is filled with all his motocross trophies. At the age of three, he won his first prize. From that moment on, he was as big a motocross fan as his father and his now deceased grandfather – his hero.


The number of children that weigh over a hundred kilograms has grown explosively in the Netherlands in the past ten years. No less than one in eight children between 5 and 16 struggle with being overweight or even with (morbid) obesity.

Laura & Anne 4-Ever

“I’m laura, I’m 14 years old. Anne is my best friend. Six months ago, she died of leukaemia”.


Joost has ADHD. No one knows, except his parents and his teachers. His isolation increases. In this film, Joost finally shows who he really is.

Sick of it All

Luca (13) is sick and tired of being in the firing line between her divorced parents. How do you find peace of mind if your parents are fighting an endless war?

Pets in pots

Marth is a 13 year-old-girl who has a great fascination for animals, whether alive or dead.

Want To Go Home

The last year Jaymie and her brother John are living in a foster home during the week. In the weekend they live with their parents. Her mother has an addiction problem and her father can be aggressive. For Jaymie it is difficult that she doesn’t live with her parents anymore. There is only one thing she want: going home. Despite everything.

On the Move

In this series we follow 6 children that are moving to another country. All of these children have to get used to a new school, a different language, a different house in a new neighborhood and say goodbye to everything that has become familiar to them over the past years. Each of them experiences it differently. Resigned, sad and apprehensive, or on the contrary, looking forward to a new adventure. Once they arrive they see the real changes in their lives.

Hilal’s Hair

An awardwinning documentary about the dilemma’s of a 12 year old Muslim girl. At the beginning of the secondary school year, Hilal has to decide whether to wear the veil or not.


A documentaries series in three episodes in which children suffering from overweight are portrayed.