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What if your youngest daughter befriends the daughter of a dangerous criminal? And when you pick up your daughter from her friends house and the criminal gets shot at and you saved his life? What if he thinks you are is best friend from then on? What if you better cannot be seen with him because of your high position? Then you’re STUCK!


STUCK, the new thrilling series from the creators of BETRAYAL.


This drama series portrays the rise and fall of the immense popular Dutch singer and actor Ramses Shaffy in the late fifties, during the ising of the Flower Power, free sex, drugs and the changing moral, till the end of the seventies.


Betrayal is a psychological thriller about an impossible love story from the creators of the award winning tv series Vuurzee I and II.

Bellicher, The Power of Mr. Miller

After the murder of a female colleague, communications consultant Michael Bellicher discovers she was on the track of a terrifying conspiracy. The Miller Network is a group of powerful fundamentalist Christians embroiled in the large-scale falsification of information ultimately aimed at unleashing a civil war against Muslims. When Michael himself is suspected of the murder, he runs. With the police and Huib Breger, the Miller Network’s assassin after him, Michael makes a frantic bid to unmask the conspiracy.

Blood Relatives

In Blood Relatives we follow the De Winter family, as they struggle to cope with a string of domestic disputes, but where ultimately family ties remain strong and resilient.


A secret team, a team with secrets

Deadline is a thrilling action series about the war on terror.

Over the course of 24 gripping episodes, a secret anti-terrorism team comes into operation, waging an almost invisible battle against impending terrorist attacks.

Amsterdam Law

Amsterdam Law is a small law firm located in Amsterdam, The intriguing drama series revolves around the lives of the six lawyers, and their secretary that is largely dominated by their varied caseload and clashes of personality.

Sea of Fire

In this thriller series a coastal town is shaken by the disappearance of 16-year-old Yasmin.