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Travels around the World

A dynamic series about travelling and tourism for young people. The presenters travel the world in search of the most inspiring, beautiful and unique travel destinations, resulting in two travel reports per episode.

Living at the End of the World

Award-winning Dutch leading travel show presenter, Floortje Dessing, travels to remote areas in the world and meets local people to find out what it is like to live at the end of the world.

No Man’s Land

In No Man’s Land Rudi Vranckx spends six episodes travelling across Africa from east to west: from Mogadishu, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, to Timbuktu, one of the most legendary cities in the world. He travels through Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Chad, Niger and Mali. His journey takes him to several important front lines of the future. He goes in search of stories about people in one of the least known regions on earth. His aim is to give people a face we do not know, we often don’t wish to know, and who we are only interested in when they are washed ashore in a boat on the Mediterranean.

O’Hanlon’s Heroes – A series of discoveries through the 19th Century

He was born in the wrong century. Redmond O’Hanlon, the author of bestselling books like Into the heart of Borneo, In trouble again and Congo journey, decides to follow in the footsteps of his heroes: the explorers of the 19th century. The men who left everything behind to discover those blank spots on the map where no one had ever set foot before.

Travelling with O’Hanlon is a highly unpredictable event. Wherever he shows up things seem to change forever. The combination of his vast knowledge, his self mocking nature and his childish desire to go all the way makes following his journeys an often hilarious adventure.

The Beagle, On the future of species

The voyage of the HMS Beagle has been described as the most important journey ever made. During his travels, Charles Darwin gathered information and knowledge that would drastically change the way we look at the world.

Steam Away

The most authentic form of train travels around the world will be explored in this wonderful new series.