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Sol LeWitt


Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) was one of the most prominent post-war American artists and is considered a key founder of conceptual art. His art could be described as obsession pushed to the limit of paradox and absurdity: an often simple idea leading to an overwhelming visual and intellectual beauty. To make progress, you need to go back to the essence, he felt.

Backlight: A Future of Abundance

While the world is in crisis, there is a man who thinks the future is as bright as it can be. Peter Diamandis, author of the book Abundance and co-founder of Singularity University, sees how technology can soon provide all basic needs such as energy, clean drinking water and food for the growing world population, with ease.

Backlight: Hotel Europe. Go with the Workflow


Amid protests from citizens and (populist) politicians,t Northern Europe is sending money to the ailing economies of Southern Europe. But wouldn’t it be better to combat the high youth unemployment in the PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) with a better international alignment of Europe’s labour market?

Backlight: Inside the Banker’s Brain

Joris Luyendijk (journalist/publicist, with a ‘banker’s blog’ for ‘The Guardian’) dives into the financial brain of the London City, and descends into the minds of the master bankers. A study of adrenaline, testosterone, addiction, and the magic of the big bucks.

Backlight: The Africa-China Connection

Backlight follows a group of Nigerian immigrants in the Chinese metropolis Guangzhou. This community is at the vanguard of an important trend that will determine the economic and political development in the first half of the 21st century: the flow of migrants from low-wage countries is shifting from the old continent Europe to the new economies in Asia.

Backlight: The Tax Free Tour

‘Where do multinationals pay taxes and how much?’ Gaining insight from international tax experts, Backlight director Marije Meerman, takes a look at tax havens, the people who live there and the routes along which tax is avoided globally.

When Memory Comes: A Film About Saul Friedländer

In this documentary the Jewish historian Saul Friedländer (1932, Prague) and his life-long quest to describe the extermination of the European Jews without losing or repressing a primary feeling of disbelief. Friedländer’s life and work is totally intertwined with the history of Europe and European Jewry.

The Revolution Route

In The Revolution Route VRT News journalist Rudi Vranckx travels the front lines of the Arab Spring. He examines who are its winners and who are its losers. He talks to the revolution’s instigators and to its ‘accidental’ heroes, to victims and to opportunists, to rebels and to soldiers, to the regimes’fallen angels and to ordinary people who dream of living in freedom.

Everything Must Change

This documentary tells the story of innovative designer, Piet Zwart (1885-1977) who clashed with the limitations of his era. He worked as an interior and industrial designer, commercial typographer, photographer, critic and lecturer, playing a key role in defining the design climate in the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century. His versatility and influence on present-day designers led the Association of Dutch Designers to award him the title of ‘Designer of the Century’ in 2000.

Toer van Schayk

Toer van Schayk (1936) is a dancer, choreographer, artist and set and costume designer. This documentary pays tribute to this great artist and shows the development of his inexhaustible and versatile talent of his unparalleled choreography for ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’ in Warsaw and the moment where he receives the Oeuvre Award from Benois de la Danse at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

From Bihar to Bangalore

Jelle Brandt Corstius goes on a journey through India. Where, as an expert, he tried to explain Russia in the series From Moscow to Murmansk and From Moscow to Magadan, he is now a foreigner trying to understand India.

Royal Palace Amsterdam: Fit for a King

On 30 April 2013, Queen Beatrix will sign the act of abdication at Amsterdam’s Royal Palace. This magnificent edifice at the heart of Holland’s capital has had a major facelift in recent years. Inside and outside, the building has been thoroughly overhauled: stone replaced, gilding on the pediment, new upholstery for the chairs, and the silver chandeliers have been cleaned.

Willem-Alexander and Máxima

On 2-2-2002 Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Máxima said their vows at the New Church in Amsterdam. This documentary looks back on their fairy-tale wedding day with images of ‘Máxima’s tear’ and the kiss on the balcony.

The Ballet Masters

What normally remains invisible to the outside world is made visible namely the physical transfer of knowledge from one generation of dancers to the next.

DNA Dreams


What if we could identify the genes for human intelligence? Would a brave new world of improved human beings be waiting for us? The documentary DNA Dreams features a new generation of scientists at BGI, China’s leading genomics research institute.

Hebreo: The Search for Salomone Rossi

In the late Renaissance, at the height of Mantua’s artistic splendor, the young Jewish violinist Salomone Rossi Hebreo became one of the most renowned composers and performers at the court of the Gonzaga dukes. In 1622 he revolutionized Jewish music with his “Songs of Solomon”, the first collection ever of originally composed music for Hebrew psalms and prayers.

With Love, from Russia


In this beautifully shot documentary we follow a Dutch couple and a Norwegian single woman who travel to St. Petersburg in Russia for an egg donation treatment. What is their motivation to undergo this emotional and physical demanding treatment in Russia? And what is the motivation of the women who donate their eggs? What are the risks involved?

Backlight: Capitalising Happiness

Trust, openness, and love are terms that will make any manager shiver. Yet, they made Brazilian top entrepreneur Ricardo Semler immensely rich. He built a world empire based on the simple question: What would really make my employees happy? He wrote a book on the subject – ‘Maverick’ – an international bestseller, that was devoured in over 35 languages. Everyone wants to know what magic spell he has found to make so much money on happiness.

Hill of Pleasures

After decades of lawlessness, order seems to have returned to the Hill of Pleasures. In one of Rio’s largest favelas, a Police Pacifying Unit has taken over control from organized crime. There is intensive patrolling, jurisdiction has been restored and for the first time inhabitants get to voice their complaints. But years of police brutality and corruption aren’t that easily forgotten.

Blind Fortune

This a film about the blind lottery ticket sellers in Malaga. In every Spanish city, fortune hunters buy their lottery tickets from the blind vendors in their street-corner kiosks. The Vendors work for ONCE, the Spanish national organization for the blind that provides them with employment and education.



Amsterdam-based Pauline lives life to the max; she travels around the world as a model and moves from party to party. She is thirty-one-years old when she is diagnosed with HIV. Her world falls apart and she thinks her life is over.

The Sex Police

The commercial vice team combats human trafficking and the exploitation of prostitutes in The Hague. The film shows  the team on their nightly routine visits to the red light district, on brothel inspections and while processing potential victims of human trafficking at the police station.

Through Ellen’s Ears

Through Ellen’s Ears
Eleven-year-old Ellen doesn’t speak with her voice but with her hands. She uses sign language because she is deaf. Ellen has to decide which secondary school to attend.

Drona & Me


Drona & me is a documentary of an autistic boy, Drona (9), through the eyes of his brother Arjun (12). We are looking at Drona’s life while listening to what Arjun has to say about his little brother.


Since he was five years old, Tom has only eaten raw food. Uncooked, unheated food. His mother wants him to. She believes in the raw foot diet, which she says is the healthiest lifestyle. The hospital has determined that Tom is seriously malnourished. The mother has been reported for child neglect. Should she be allowed to continue feeding Tom a raw food diet, or should the authorities intervene?

Kill Your Darling

Documentary about the attempts to reconstruct the past based on the unsolved murder of the American model Melissa Halstead in 1990.

Backlight: China – from Cartier to Confucius (HD available)

While the rest of the world tries to come to terms with China’s rising economic and political power and its impact on the existing global order; a small group of philosophy students from Shanghai’s prestige Fudan University gathers every Friday night at their professor’s house to study Chinese classical texts by Confucius.

Backlight: The Promised City

On the Western Jordan Banks a wonder takes place. Next year 40,000 people from the new Palestinian middle class will live in the new supercity Rawabi City.

Poem of Death

When there will be no next of kin present at a funeral, a custom-written poem is recited by a renowned poet. What does one write for somebody who is no longer known to anyone?

Dirty Window

In the night of the 18th of February 2009, 19-year-old prostitute Betty Szabó was murdered in her room in Amsterdam.

All my tomorrows


I pledge that I will practice medicine to the best of my ability in the service of my fellow human beings… (Opening of the Physician’s Oath of the Royal Dutch Medical Society and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, based on the Hippocratic oath, ± 400 B.C.)

The man with 100 children

Once a bevy of children was reserved only for kings and chieftains. As a sign of their prestige. Today a tourist guide from a neat suburb in Maastricht can father 100 children, thanks to emancipation and the Internet.

Backlight: Regreening the desert

For more than 15 years, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu has been working on his worldwide mission to green deserts and to restore biodiversity.

Good Morning Congo

50 years after Congo’s independence, Rudi Vranckx undertakes a journey, not without its risks, through our vast former colony – a world where once our flag fluttered in the breeze.

Jerome, Jerome

Two days in the lives of autistic teenager Jerome, his coach Kevin and Jerome’s mother Anita

Backlight: The Food Speculator

Assuming the role of a speculator, director Kees Brouwer tries to find out whether he is merely taking advantage of the opportunity offered to investors by the food scarcity, or that, through this abstract world of financial products, he is drastically interfering in poor people’s lives.


Sasha Volgina, a 31-years old Russian, is HIV positive and pregnant. At the moment, Russia has the fastest growing AIDS-epidemic in the world. More than 1 million Russian people have HIV, most of them younger than 35.

O’Hanlon’s Heroes – A series of discoveries through the 19th Century

He was born in the wrong century. Redmond O’Hanlon, the author of bestselling books like Into the heart of Borneo, In trouble again and Congo journey, decides to follow in the footsteps of his heroes: the explorers of the 19th century. The men who left everything behind to discover those blank spots on the map where no one had ever set foot before.

Travelling with O’Hanlon is a highly unpredictable event. Wherever he shows up things seem to change forever. The combination of his vast knowledge, his self mocking nature and his childish desire to go all the way makes following his journeys an often hilarious adventure.

Letter From My Child

Six heart breaking stories – six letters – six children – six countries.

The IKON TV-series Letter From My Child contains 6 x 30′ documentaries. The six documentaries (Brazil, Haïti, Uganda, USA, The Philippines and Uganda) focus on families in six countries all over the world. Countries where families have to bear the consequences of armed conflict, violence or crime, natural and economic disaster, human rights’  violations and social exclusion.

Paradiso, an Amsterdam Stage Affair

Paradiso highlights, as in an exhilarating rollercoaster ride, all aspects of the Amsterdam pop temple in a film in which the musicians are central, so it’s first and foremost also about what it means to perform in front of an audience.

End and Beginning: Meeting Wislawa Szymborska

A journey through Poland and the city of Krakow, guided by the Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner Wislawa Szymborska. A quest for the ‘fragments of human existence’, which she digs up and polishes into shining nuggets of poetry.

About Canto

If this piece of music had never been composed, the lives of many people would have been fundamentally different.

Dutch Weed

Apart from tulips and windmills, Holland is internationally known for its soft drugs policy.

Off Spring

Adopting a child has become an increasingly commen practice. But do we wonder where these children come from?


How do you live after suicide?
Through a series of poetic still lives, documentary filmmaker Nathalie Basteyns paints a moving portrait of families struggling with this question.

Soldiers In Black

A documentary about the Dutch SS, men that were considered as the prime example of collaborators during the Second World War.
In total, 25,000 Dutch men joined the Waffen SS, boosting Hitler’s army.

Máxima, a Portrait of a Princess

To celebrate her 40th birthday, NOS Television has broadcasted in 2011 (16th of May, 2011) an exclusive profile of Princess Máxima.

For a year, NOS Television filmed the princess on numerous occasions: we see her at work, both at home and abroad, and witness special and everyday family moments at her home ‘Villa Eikenhorst’ in Wassenaar.

Backlight: Sisters in Islamic banking

Female CEO’s are scarce in the banking world. Surprisingly, in the Malaysian world of Haute Finance female executives are at the forefront. What connects these female professionals is a respect for the Sharia laws and ethics in banking, while at the same living their lives as modern day career women.

Rembrandt Inc

The artist Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) is known around the world as a genius who for artistic reasons embarked on new roads in the history of art. But why did he paint all those self-portraits, where did he stand with respect to the art of portrait painting, why did he dedicate himself to etching and why did he have such a large studio with so many students?

Because we were beautiful

Filmmaker Frank van Osch travelled through Indonesia where he searched for former ‘comfort women’, together with photographer Jan Banning (World Press Photo Award 2004) and journalist Hilde Janssen. During the Second World War these women were forced to carry out sexual activities in military brothels, encampments and Japanese barracks.

The Beagle, On the future of species

The voyage of the HMS Beagle has been described as the most important journey ever made. During his travels, Charles Darwin gathered information and knowledge that would drastically change the way we look at the world.

Eggs for Later

This personal documentary tells the story of 35-year old filmmaker Marieke Schellart, struggling with her ticking biological clock.

Ivry Gitlis ‘Inspiration’

Violinist Ivry Gitlis is known as one of the greatest musical talents of his generation. He belongs to the group of violin legends from the 20th century, a league of its own, that also includes Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Ida Haendel and George Enesco.


Jewelry designer Ted Noten (1956) is well-known for his cheeky pieces of jewelry. Are they wearable? Not necessarily. Are they provocative? Absolutely.
A series of see-through purses containing a gun, a chameleon or a line of coke with a pearl necklace… At first glance, Noten seems to be a man of the brutal gesture. But does he merely want to provoke, or is there more to it?

A Wonderful Sacrifice

Filmmaker Karin Junger explores the Nederlands Dans Theather (DNT) through the eyes of two dancers currency with the company, and two former dancers who were part of the company in its very beginnings. We follow the ups and downs of a dancer’s life, the hard work, the joys of creation, and the sacrifices often made in the private life and physical condition of the average dancer.

The Road to Mecca

Are the West and the Muslim world heading for an inevitable clash or are we just experiencing the growing pains of a rapidly globalizing and multicultural world?

Photo & Copyright by G.P. Fieret

Brilliant and wayward in equal measure, Dutch artist G.P. Fieret (1925-2009) shares his life with us through his self-portraits and grainy photographs of women.


FAREWELL tells the story of Lady Grace Drummond-Hay, the only female passenger on the first journey around the world of the Graf Zeppelin in 1929.

Kessel’s Eye

Erik Kessels (1966) is co-founder of the unconventional advertising agency KesselsKramer, graphic designer, curator but moreover he is a passionate photo collector, which he exhibits in books.

Views on Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) left us a small oeuvre of only 36 paintings.

Banking the Unbanked

Is microfinance the answer to poverty? We follow two young ambitious Gambian bankers in their attempts to make Reliance into a steady microfinance institution. Will they succeed in this interesting and expanding market?

Otto Frank, father of Anne

After returning from Auschwitz, Otto Frank, the only survivor of the family, is confronted with Anne’s diary. He renews ties with his daughter by reading it.


Born on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, best friends Ezat and Bayan are given the chance to study in their parents’ homeland: Syria. Shout is a film about their search for adventure and a sense of belonging in one of the world’s most persistent conflict zones.

Erwin Olaf: On Beauty and Fall

Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf is on the threshold of an important year: his most recent photographic series, Hope, Grief and Rain appear to have given him an international breakthrough and, for the first time, major international museums are showing an interest.


In the penetrating film ‘Fear’ director Michiel van Erp follows the lives of six people, all dealing with an anxiety disorder.

Heart’s Desire

A portrait of Derrick, Erika and Jannae, representing the thousands of abused children in the United States who have been removed from their homes. Through dating techniques and glamour photography they try to present themselves as appealing as possible to potential adoptive parents, in their search for a new home.

Sinan, A Divine Architect

The miraculous story of a Christian boy who was converted to Islam and became one of the greatest architects of the 16th century.


Van Gogh the artist is world-famous but the popular conception of Van Gogh the man is disorted.


A gypsy village is suddenly confronted with huge dilemmas after they are portrayed as backward people from Kazachstan in the motion picture ‘Borat’.

Maria João Pires

The world-famous Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires lives on a beautiful farm, somewhere in rural Portugal, close to the Spanish border. Far away from urban centres and sparsely populated, it is a vast site of wild natural beauty. Once she longed for a place where she could hide away, where she could be herself and not have to live up to other people’s expectations.

Viktor & Rolf

Dutch fashion duo Viktor & Rolf first became famous as conceptual, artistic designers. But after years of being regarded as eccentric designers that were a tad too avant-garde for the fashion mainstream, the duo finally stepped into the haute-couture limelight when they struck a deal with cosmetics-titan L’Oréal to develop their own perfume.

Blond Blue Eyes

Rutger Hauer is by far the most famous Dutch actor ever. Forever known for ‘Soldier of Orange’, ‘Turkish Delight’, popular children’s series ‘Floris’ (all by director Paul Verhoeven) and of course ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘The Hitcher’ – titles that go way back.

Trail of the Mummy, The

For thousands of years Egyptian mummies have been abused, destroyed to make paint, ground up as medicine or unwrapped in public displays.

Portraits of Frans Hals

Few facts are known about the Dutch painter Frans Hals as a person, but one can learn a lot about him as an artist by observing his paintings closely.

Miss Interpreted

Marlene Dumas is one of the best-known contemporary artists in the world. She was born and bred in South Africa and has worked and lived in Holland since 1976.


A film on poetry, the Russian Mafia, suicide, love and the tragedy of the Perestroika years. A portrait of a young 21st-century poet for whom life became unbearable.

The Imagined Harem

A documentary by Liesbeth Hagen on myth and reality about the Harem in Western art.


With rising temperatures and rising gas prices, cars need to become greener fast. And superficially, the large car manufacturers seem to work hard to improve the fuel efficiency of their products. But are they really? The technology to make cars much more fuel efficient already exists for decades, but it never makes it to the showroom. Why do we have to wait so long for fuel efficient vehicles?

The Houses of Hristina

Hristina is invisible. Quiet and unnoticed, she cleans houses. Each day a different house each day the same work. She is a Bulgarian, living in Amsterdam. Contact with her employers takes place mainly through notes. To come to terms with her life, she takes photographs of the interiors of ‘her’ houses. Together these photos form the house she inhabits in the Netherlands. A house that holds her prisoner.

That’s Life

The challenging search of photograher/director Sander Veeneman for three young adults living in poverty in Mozambique, South Africa and Peru.

If we Knew

Everyday paediatricians ath the neonatology ward of a hospital struggle with ethical dilemmas concerning the life and death of newborn babies.

Backlight: Second Thoughts

The dilemmas surrounding euthanasia are nowhere in the world as openly under discussion as in the Netherlands. However, this does not make the issues any less emotionally charged. Backlight follows the negotiations between a doctor, a patient and the family in an Amsterdam nursing home.

Vincent van Gogh

Step by step, film maker Paul Molijn traces the life of the famous master Vincent van Gogh. We see the current surroundings of the places where the artist lived and worked, alternated with drawings and paintings he made there.

Westerbork Girl

The love story of Westerbork Girl Hannelore Cahn, her great love Rob de Vries who freed her in World War II from the Westerbork transit camp and the man who tracked her down: Hans Eisinger. A week after her escape she returned to the camp with him. Voluntarily. A decision that still haunts her today.

Between Heaven and Earth

Two circus artists, Achat and Tarsun, are forced to choose between continuing the old circus tradition and politics. Their different choices seriously affect their lifelong friendship.

Rembrandt van Rijn

This outstanding documentary by Paul Molijn about the life and work of Rembrandt van Rijn tells the story of Rembrandt by giving an insight into the time in which he lived and the circumstances in which Rembrandt’s career was formed. The documentary lets us travel along with Rembrandt in a geographical reconstruction of his life. It features a cavalcade of beautiful images, showing where Rembrandt found his inspiration.

Miss Universe 1929

A documentary about great fame and eternal love. The life story of Lisl Goldarbeiter (Austria’s first and only Miss Universe) and her cousin Marci Tänzer (amateur film maker).

Backlight: Waste = Food

A documentary about the Cradle to Cradle principle: designers and manufacturers should incorporate the recyclability of the materials of which the products are made off.

Steam Away

The most authentic form of train travels around the world will be explored in this wonderful new series.

En Un Momento Dado – Johan Cruijff

Johan Cruijff’s international fame as a football legend is still alive in Barcelona, the city where ‘number 14’ himself lives nowadays and where he has played many matches. Thirteen people from Barcelona talk about the most important moment Cruijff has given them.

Prinsengracht Concerts

Registration of the popular Prinsengrachtconcerts which are traditionally held each year on the old canals of Amsterdam (available on HD; the concerts before 2009 are not HD).