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Joan Halifax: Giving Life to Life

This is a documentary portrait of Zen Peacemaker Joan Halifax. The film embarks on a journey with Joan following the course of her life, marked by metaphorical and literal travels.

Joan Jiko Halifax is an American Zen Buddhist teacher, anthropologist, human rights activist, author and terminal care worker.

As a Zen Peacemaker she is a driving force of socially engaged Buddhism in the world. Joan Halifax is many things to many people. Yet they all seem to agree that no matter what role she plays, Halifax is consistently courageous, passionate and compassionate.

Ready for Death


How do we really deal with the thought of dying? With the fact that in one hundred years probably nobody will remember that you have ever lived? In this documentary filmmaker Rob Smits searches for answers to these questions.


Comings & Goings


Comings & Goings (1) What’s the influence of stress on our relationships and ourselves? Modern society makes us believe that standing still is equal to decline. Anneloor van Heemstra examines the impact of stress on her personal life, and where do her ambitions come from?

Dalai Lama in the Netherlands


His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the 78 year old spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, visited the Netherlands from 10 till 12 May 2014.

Demons of the new Freedom

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A documentary about the Buddhist violence against the Muslim minority in Myanmar (Burma). An activist monk and a young interfaith campaigner try to stop the xenophobia. According to the two main characters, the democratic future of their country is at stake.

The Four Noble Truths

Twenty free thinkers; journalists, scientists and artists, from all over the world meet in Sarnath, India to discuss ‘The Four Noble Truths’ in their life and the value it still has nowadays for the suffering in the world.

The Far East in the West

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Zen buddhist André van der Braak is the first professor of Buddhist Philosophy at the Free University of Amsterdam. A signal of a small, but controversial revolution. We follow him during his first steps on a journey from Beijing to Amsterdam, and from Buddha to Nietzsche.

Zen brush Mind

A portrait of zen master, painter, calligrapher, writer, translator and peace activist Kazuaki Tanahashi. The movie explores the motives behind his international activism and his dialogue between East and West.

The Best is yet to Come

With the only picture she has of her father, Renée Wilna Span embarks on a journey into her past: a childhood without her father, the Frisian musician Frans Span, who drowned at a young age. How important is it to know your origins?

Sitting still like a Frog

Children are often too busy, just like adults. Like their parents they have many obligations: at school, in the family and during leisure time. Eline Snel is a pioneer in mindfulness training for children. Eline is teaching them mind exercises like The worry factory, the spaghetti test and the ball of compliments.

Sri Lanka: The Damaged Paradise


Sri Lanka is the only country where Buddhism is a living religion since it was introduced, in 250 b.C. How could it then happen in recent times, that the country was ripped apart in a long and very violent civil war between the Buddhist Sinhala majority and the Hindu Tamil minority?