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A film about Tex and his cartoonfamily, who have just moved to the ‘real’ world.

Free as a Bird

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Imad (10) lives in a war zone. When he finds a bird with a broken wing, he brings it home and carefully nurses it back to health. This new friendship brings Imad joy, dreams, and strength. He learns to listen to his heart and finds the courage to choose a (new) future.


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During a dream, 7 year old Yuki is reunited with her sister Iwa (11), who has recently passed away. Together, they share an exciting adventure and along this journey, Yuki is forced to conquer her anxieties. Ultimately, she has to face her biggest fear: to live her life without her sister.


Short, sweet ‘n screwy. An ox and a bird. Can’t live with, can’t live without each other.


Stopmotion animation film – made of mud, sand and water – about climate change.

Magic Show

An illusionist and his assistent perform a series of incredible acts and afterwards reveal to the audience how their tricks work. However this explanation is even more astonishing than the tricks, which only enhances the illusion. Gradually, the illusions become more and more amazing until it appears they are not a trick, but real. From that moment on, reality and illusion can no longer be separated.

Sold Out

A tribute to the largely vanished breed of small shopkeepers.

Love Loop

“Love loop” is a film in the tradition of the Punch-and-Judy show.
Two cars crash in a dark wood. The drivers, a man and a woman, get out to assess the damage and have an argument that results in hilarious and unexpected developments.


A chased fly finally comes to rest…


A man visits a museum and makes his way along the various works of art, which seem to be reflections of himself.

Music for the Millions

The inarticulate and screaming punk music played by the punkband “The Squits” is, as a symbol of our time, the basis for this animated film.

Life & Death

In this film the camera traverses the world of Professor Roelofsz’ cartoons. It is a dream lasting only a few minutes or is it cruel, everlasting reality?

Mission Ville

Mission Ville is an art film created from a journey filmed from a hot-air balloon.

Quod Libet

From the depth of her three limp breasts, Mona Lisa sings a duet with her ever-loving Dick.

What’s In An Egg?

There can be no doubt about which of the twin brothers is the mother’s favourite. Changing her mind might no be as difficult as it seems, but it takes a lifetime.

Without Words

Without Words: A Message from the Artist depicts five artists and the five different art forms they use to express themselves.

Saturday Night Fever

Short animation film about events surrounding the dead-end relationship between two people in their living room being watched by a cat. The most important individual present is a fish in a very special fishbowl.

Save Your Soul And Buy My $ong

Zapping on our TV set we’ll find rockstar Michael Moneymaker presenting his latest music video for the ultimate good cause: himself. A parody with a sting.

Once Again

A mental image of a landscape may be associated with a possibly terrifying reality.

Ooooops !!!

Ooooops !!! is an amusing short animated film for young and old, displaying the many talents of its maker, Maarten Koopman.

Opus Dei

A heavenly figure builds a world full of nice freaky creatures.But the last one he builds doesn’t agree and turns against its maker.

Touring Holland by Bicycle

In a small room, against a backdrop of tulips and windmills, four people move around a table at an ever increasing speed.

Pas à Deux

Pas à deux is an exciting dance to the music of time, the rhythm of changes.


A fantasy film on a nightly tribal ritual to honour the ancestors.

Pea Soup

A music clip with characteristics of our time, and of an unknown female singer from the 40’s with a mix of songs of that time.


The wonder of evolution takes place during the drinking song of Gustav Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde” (“Song of the Earth”).


About a creature living in his natural surroundings, the desert.

Drop, The

A man goes to see his doctor. He feels very tired. The doctor takes some blood from the patient and puts it under a microscope. Through the microscope we see why this man is not feeling so good….

Hands Off

“Hands Off” is intended as a stimulus for discussion, within the broader campaign against wife battering.

Easy Action Animated

This film is about the spatial relationship between two people and their surroundings, a snow-white cube.

Harry Rents a Room

This film tells the story about the frightfull first night of a tenant in his new flat.


A woman, a child. The relation they have can be judged by the spectator.

Famous Paintings

In 1990 Maarten Koopman made “The Bedroom”: the creation of “The Bedroom at Arles” by Vincent van Gogh in one minute.

Jorinde & Joringel

This is a fairy tale about Joringel, the hero, and his beloved Jorinde, who is turned into a nightingale and carried off to a far-away castle by a sorceress.


Theme: Various countries and their specific celebrations and ceremonies.

Journey of a Dragon, The

In 1560 Pieter Brueghel painted “The Struggle of Saint George and the Dragon”. Also in later years the dragon’s game was an important item of the carnival celebrations.

Fortified City, A

Eight statements of filmmakers and artists from Canada, the United States and Holland.

Holy Smoke

The main character is a woman around her 50’s.


Three generations are being confronted with themselves and their apparently pointless surroundings. The beginning of a mysterious search.

Frieze Frame

Where animation film and oil paintings meet, animator Gerrit van Dijk in his entirely unique way brings life to static pictures. In one fluid movement he animates 39 paintings from the collection in the Frans Hals Museum.

House holding

A series of clay-animation films about alternative ways of sharing the household responsibilities.

Fuga (Fugue)

A man is playing the piano. He pauses to look out of the window and finds himself watching a series of pivotal events from his own past – turning points in the passage of his childhood dreams towards the reality of the man he became.

I Move, So I Am

Director Gerrit van Dijk states: “I move, so I am”, a free interpretation of Descartes quatation: “I think, so I am”, is my credo to express myself on celluloid. “I am not shooting pictures, I animate…”

Gap, The

In this puppet film a fat man is sitting on one side of a gap, tucking into a sumptuous meal.

I Should See

A living room with mountains in which photographs are used.

Garden, The

“The Garden” is a short animation which is situated in a good garden where evil rules. The beginning of the end or a new beginning?

Inflatable Alphabet, The

In this film, which was designed especially for children, all the letters of the alphabet appear as a series of colourful, simply-drawn balloons.

Golden Fish, The

In the spring of his life Li Pai asks the Golden Fish in Lake Kou Nen how to live. “Look around and see the answer”, says the Golden Fish.


Jaco is set in the jungle.


Against pastel coloured backgrounds two cubes come to life through a toy snow dome.


A short animated film about the high expectations with which parents can burden their children.

Donna è Mobilé, La

“La Donna è Mobilé” is a journey into male fantasies seen through the eyes of a woman.

Brush at Sea

Inspired by the art works in a museum, a paint brush starts to paint his own work of art.

Butterfly R.I.P. 1975

Because of the growing urbanization, there’s no longer room for nature – but in a museum…


Animated in clay, “Capriccio” is a film about a young girl and three fun-loving musical creatures who fly in and out of her life as she pursues a career in classical music.


At the music of “Caravan” lines and shapes move in an abstract landscape.


A training film for sporters and sporters to be.

Carnival Shout, The

“Joelfeest” (The Carnival Shout) is an animated film about the development of carnival through the ages, from heathen times until the present day.


A little pencil-drawn man is threatened by an eraser until he is redrawn in ink. Paper, however, remains vulnerable.


How someone finds consolation amongst his self-caused unpleasant circumstances.


An animated bullfight, which takes an unexpected turn.


We follow the trail of a wheel transforming into a bouncing ball.


A self-portrait in which through lack of cohesion destructive elements finally gain the upper hand.

4 seasons, The

A lonely hotel room, a picture on the wall. The 4 seasons in 1 minute. Kwaaak!

A Good Turn Daily

The main character, a modern Don Quichote, strives to right the wrongs of this world.


The conductor uses his audience to achieve his own success.

At one view

This animated film is a commentary on the imaginary nature of photography and film.

Between the Lights

The sense and atmosphere of this animated film grow out of the play of light and shade, of shapes and movements the starting point being a pillared gallery with a figure.

Bon Appétit!

A wealthy man who’s about to enjoy his diner begrudges a vagabond and his companion dog their own, upon which the food itself comes to action.


The film tells the story of a town where the lives and thoughts of the inhabitants are controlled by two men.

That’s Business

This production wants to draw the attention of the general public to the link between many of the environmental problems in the third world-countries and our western way of life.

The Heart of Amos Klein

During a heart transplant operation, as he struggles between life and death, Amos Klein returns to siginificant landmarks over the course of his life. These correspond with key moments in Israeli history.


In his 3rd short puppetry film Eric Steegstra creates an enchanting, colourful and magic underwater world.


An abstract animated adventure into the world of Franz Schubert

Oblomov’s Cat

During a thunderstorm at night, two ladies find a neglected young cat, whom they take care of together.

My Dear Grandma

In her dreams Dolores is an ordinary grandmother who enjoys her peace and quiet and her family.


In an immeasurable architectural universe, a figure made of nuts and bolts crawls around with a shell as a head.

Want To Go Home

The last year Jaymie and her brother John are living in a foster home during the week. In the weekend they live with their parents. Her mother has an addiction problem and her father can be aggressive. For Jaymie it is difficult that she doesn’t live with her parents anymore. There is only one thing she want: going home. Despite everything.