Our Man in Tehran

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iran, new york times, tehran, thomas erdbrink
4 x 45'
Roel van Broekhoven
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Curiosity brought Thomas Erdbrink (38) to Iran years ago, and now he’s married to an award-winning Iranian photographer and lives there as one of the last Western journalists in a country always at odds with the rest of the world. Our man in Tehran lives an exciting life, full of puzzles and obstacles. In Iran, where everything seems different than we thought, Thomas provides a unique insight into one of the last remaining isolated countries in the world.

In the four-part series Our Man in Theran, Thomas, who is fluent in Farsi, goes beyond the familiar clichés of angry bearded men and women dressed in black, to share his unique view of Iran today, where women are often in control, and where you can be pardoned from execution, by paying money.

It took years to get permission to follow Thomas at work and at home in Iran. The result is unprecedented access to a complex country, with its own problems, but a peaceful oasis compared to neighboring countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thomas Erdbrink, who is a Dutch national, works in Iran as bureau chief of The New York Times. He is one of the most influential journalists reporting about Iran in the United States. In 2014, Time Magazine added him to their list of most influential Twitter feeds worldwide.