One way ticket to ISIS

Current Affairs & Politics
ISIS, Syria, teenagers
Hetty Nietsch
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One way ticket to ISIS tells the devastating story of the families of Dutch teenagers who have run away from home to join ISIS.

About 240 Dutch boys, girls, men and women have left The Netherlands to join the so-called Islamic State. For the first time, and giving us unprecedented access, their families  and friends talk openly on camera about the shock they experienced at finding out their youngsters were gone. They talk about their grief and sense of powerlessness. Had they overlooked something, why hadn’t they noticed what was going on?

But also – what would happen if they came back? Surely they must have changed for the worse, after having seen and done horrifically brutal things to other human beings?

The parents of the runaways admit they might even fear their own children, they also admit their own children could be of danger to society once they come back – and for that reason they say they want their own children locked up immediately.

The airing of the documentary in The Netherlands drew praise for the parents’ honesty. Most of them are Moroccan, but also a Dutch couple tell us how they lost their daughter when she married an Egyptian man, and how she left with him and their four small children for the caliphate. We might assume that youngsters who run away to the Islamic State grew up in strictly religious families, but this documentary dispels that myth – it shows average parents, not radicalized in any way, in pain daily over the decision their children made.

The documentary shows footage of Syria, Facebook-communications, family pictures and pictures of the children from long ago, and their pictures now.