Mother & Grunberg

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Pascalle Bonnier
&Bromet & Joodse Omroep
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“My mother was afraid that I would leave her and in a certain way I never did”.
At the age of 18 Arnon Grunberg leaves Amsterdam Zuid with the ambition to become an actor and to escape his dominant mother and his taciturn father.

Now, 44 years old and a successful writer living in New York, he  decides that it is time to return to his family home.

During the conversations about the war-years between mother and son you can feel the tension, yet you can also feel the unconditional love that they have for each other.The conversations are alternated with intimate scenes, where we catch a glimpse of the real world, which the writer had always carefully hidden from his public life. The documentary gives an extraordinary insight into the special relationship between mother and son, which is scarred by the tragic story of his mother’s life.