Midnight Butterfly – The last days of Priscilla

Society & Culture
euthanasia, Midnight Butterfly
Peter Bosch
Bosch Film and NCRV Television
HD available

This documentary tells the impressive story of Priscilla, a young Amsterdam woman suffering from a terminal illness. On her 26th birthday she gives herself a special ‘present’: euthanasia.Ever since she was sixteen, Priscilla knew she inherited her mother’s terrible illness. Priscilla witnessed, up close, how her mother suffered as her physical condition got worse by the day. From an early age, Priscilla read up on the possibilities of euthanasia to save herself from a similar fate. In the meantime, Priscilla lives life to the fullest, celebrating each day and night as it comes.

In Amsterdam nightlife, Priscilla is a well-known face, lovingly called the ‘Midnight Butterfly’. She has lots of friends standing by her side, while she prepares for her imminent death. The night before she will get euthanized, Priscilla throws a killer birthday- and farewell party. The day after, she’ll ‘finally join her mother’. Priscilla: ‘I want to leave joyful and on my terms. I’d rather turn 26 and leave this life still being me, than live to see my 30th birthday, after a long and painful process.’