Living at the end of the world: Floortje in Nepal

Adventure & Travel
Floortje Dessing
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Living at the end of the world is a documentary-style series about people living by choice in remote places in what seems to be the end of the world. In each episode the experienced traveller and reporter Floortje Dessing makes the often long and difficult journey to reach these people to see how they are living and to find out why they have chosen to live under these often difficult circumstances.

In this episode Floortje travels to Nepal for the most extraordinary story of Maggie Doyne, a 28 year old American woman who has adopted over 50 children.

Ten years ago Maggie travelled as a teenager before going to college. She ended up in Nepal at the foot of the Himalaya. Touched by the fate of a little girl she decided to stay and help the children living under very hard conditions in this poor region.

With her savings she built a small orphanage where she offered more and more children a shelter, food and education. Now ten years later Maggie is a legal mother to over 50 children, and with her foundation BlinkNow she built a school and a small clinic.