Lenno & The Angelfish

child, Fish, Lenno
Shamira Rapaila
Tangerine Tree
HD available

A slice-of-life film, partly told through the eyes of a anglesfish, about Lenno a 10-year old boy who has a behavior disorder and goes to a school for troubled kids. The anglefish is known for it’s aggressive behavior. But under the right circumstances it can grow up to be a kind animal that lives in harmony with other fish in an aquarium.

While Lenno tries his best to behave and be ‘a good boy’, we see how the anglefish fares in his new home. Meanwhile Lenno learns is quitte hard being good. And what do good or bad really mean when your brother sometimes hites you and your father has regrets about the way he has lead his life? Will Lenno find out how to behave like an angel and will the angelfish survive the care given by Lenno? Life is complex and maybe there is more than only black and white.