Land of Promise

Current Affairs & Politics Society & Culture
post-war immigration
Paul Scheffer and René Roelofs
NTR Television, IKON Television and Interakt
HD available

In Land of Promise we see how, since the 1950s, immigration has irreversibly changed the societies of Europe and why it will continue to do so.

The film is made out of beautiful and often provocative international archive material. Clips from talk shows, radio programmes, documentaries and feature films guide us through the debates of past decades that have helped to shape change in Europe. Post-war immigration is shown from a new perspective.

Both the newcomers as well as the original inhabitants need to come to terms with the fact
that their familiar world is threatening to escape their grasp. All major migration movements eventually force us to find an answer to the question: how can we live together in spite of our differences? It is a quest inevitably accompanied by conflict, trial and error. The film is inspired by Paul Scheffers book ‘Immigrant Nations’.