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Deborah van Dam
De Haaien
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‘KUYT’ is a classic tale of heroism. Dirk Kuyt returns to his club after a long stay abroad. Where other football players retire at the age of 36, he returns to Feyenoord, with only one goal: the championship.

We follow Kuyt through the turbulent season in pursuit of the Dutch national title and see how he struggles behind the scenes to carry the burden on his shoulders, the nation’s eyes upon him. But he also needs to fight for his place in the starting line-up. The manager, former Dutch national team mate Giovanni van Bronckhorst has not included him in the first eleven, contrary to what he was promised.
That hurts but at the same time it increases Dirk’s drive to achieve the ultimate when he is playing in the selection. And he does, even though things don’t always go the way he wants. The camera is there when he builds his confidence at his regular magnetic therapist Henk de Gier.
We see how important his wife and his four children, his sister and his friends are to him. As is his faith in the higher powers, in himself, his fellow man and in the goal he is fighting for. We also see his solitude when times are tough. Everything revolves around him. It’s the unique pressure he has to live with.

It is a nerve-racking battle and Kuyt is in the middle. The showdown of the season summarises it all. Emotions at the penultimate game go deep. The last game sees a miraculous apotheosis with Dirk Kuyt starring in the role of saviour.