Just Listen

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Lian Priemus
HUMAN & De Familie Film & TV production
HD available

How well do we know the people around us? What if a loved one considers suicide? Would you be able to tell? Would they tell you? And what would you say? JUST LISTEN shows us the powerful effect of listening in times of despair. Intimate confessions of people who could be your neighbour, classmate or husband reveal what’s on their mind on these defining moments. They show us the meaning of being present at the right moment. The film consists of four personal stories of people secretly considering suicide, interwoven with scenes of a group of people who get trained to work for 113Online, an anonymous online helpline in the Netherlands for people with suicidal thoughts. How do you handle such a conversation? What should and shouldn’t you say? What to do when a caller had already taken pills? Can you be of any influence? In the course of the film, it becomes clear that one doesn’t have to be a professional to help a person in despair. The same thing that holds up for the 113Online volunteers goes for all of us: to listen without judgment and without the will to change can be a life-saver. JUST LISTEN is a film about life, about hope and human connections. The film reveals what, in the end, has true value.