I’m never afraid!

Willem Baptist
VPRO Television and Kaliber Film
Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Award / Winner Golden Gate Award San Francisco
HD available

Mack’s (8)┬ároom is filled with all his motocross trophies. At the age of three, he won his first prize. From that moment on, he was as big a motocross fan as his father and his now deceased grandfather – his hero.

Pushups and kickboxing are OK, but in the eyes of this “little motor-midget,” motocross is the toughest sport there is. “Gymnastics is for sissies.” Mack may be recovering from a broken leg from a fall from his motorbike, but he is busy planning his next competition. Scared? No way. Mack has been in worse predicaments than this before: he was born with a congenital heart condition and things looked really bad for him. “Actually I should have been dead. Doctors know a lot, but they don’t know everything.” His younger sister has health problems, too. “She’s allergic to just about everything,” he explains. If she eats the wrong thing, she can even go into anaphylactic shock. When his mother also became ill, things got really tough. But luckily Mack gets support from his grandpa in the hereafter – not just when he’s competing, but also in class, like when he has to figure out a difficult calculation: “Then he tells me secretly in my ear.” Now that this tough little guy has overcome so many obstacles, there’s only one more thing on his mind: winning.