IDFA award for RocknRollers and Naomi’s Secret

We want to congratulate the makers of RocknRollers and Naomi’s Secret with their IDFA award. RocknRollers won the IDFA Award for Best Children’s Documentary and Naomi’s Secret the Jury Award for Children’s Documentary.

RocknRollers tells the story of best friends Sia (aged 15), Bas (14) and Vince (13). For many years they’ve played in a psychedelic rock band together: Morgana’s Illusion. But the future of the band is at stake when Sia starts to suffer from depressions.

Naomi’s Secret is about a girl who, for the first time, is taking her best friend Sam to visit her mother who lives in a locked institution. Naomi’s secret is a testimony to hope and love, a sincere portrait of the strong young woman that Naomi has become thanks to the unconditional support of the people around her.