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HIV, HIv HIV Hurray
56' & 75'
Peter Wingender
Pieter van Huystee Film & TV
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Amsterdam-based Pauline lives life to the max; she travels around the world as a model and moves from party to party. She is thirty-one-years old when she is diagnosed with HIV. Her world falls apart and she thinks her life is over.

Her disease forces her into a new lifestyle. She needs a break to reflect on her past. She starts to realize that her wild years didn’t bring her what she was looking for all her life. But while she tries to find love and stability, there are temptations she can’t resist and even has “unsafe” sex with men. But then, out of the blue, steps in her dream prince, who even wants to have a child with her. How does a party girl with HIV become a mother and try to lead a normal family life?