Garage 2.0

Society & Culture
car dealing, management
Catherine van Campen
NTR/Zuidenwind Film Productions
HD available

‘We want to be the best. I miss that now. We just have to be better than all the others’

Gert is the ambitious managing director of a car dealership in Vianen who is way ahead of his troops. With a boundless energy he encourages his employees to be the very best. No department is spared in learning ‘The New Way of Working’ through countless training sessions and endless meetings. But will he manage to eventually turn employee 1.0 into employee 2.0 and how does his personnel deal with this increasing pressure? How does a family business survive in a time of economic crisis.

The special family relations within the dealership also play their part below the surface. Senior, the founder of the company, still does his daily rounds through the workplace. Gert’s older brother Ton is co-owner. He was better adjusted to the original, more loose and familiar atmosphere in the company…

The lives of the colourful characters in Garage 2.0 are surprisingly tied to cars. Cars that provide success, profit, progress, employment and freedom. But also peril, stress, disappointment and grief.