Drona & Me

Drona and Me
Catherine van Campen
Zuidenwind Filmproductions and OHM Television
HD available


Drona & me is a documentary of an autistic boy, Drona (9), through the eyes of his brother Arjun (12). We are looking at Drona’s life while listening to what Arjun has to say about his little brother.

Two years ago Drona was ‘officially’ diagnosed with a certain type of autism. His ability to process information is limited and he therefore has difficulty to make sense of life. In order to get a sense of the outside world, he asks a lot of questions. What is striking about Drona is that he’s crazy about buses. For now, he has only one clear aim in life: to become a bus driver on bus route 192. His love for buses is an obsession.

Arjun is also special, he is extremely clever and he can explain certain things about his brother, something Drona can’t do himself because he is not aware of his disability. Others often do not understand him, but Arjun does. Therefore we look at Drona through the eyes of Arjun.

Children with a handicap have a difficult time within the Hindustani community. Embarrassment and difficulties are always lurking on the horizon and the children are basically almost hidden away. The fact that Drona and Arjun’s parents were willing to cooperate in this documentary, is therefore very special and Arjun’s pride in his autistic brother is striking.