Donna Giovanna

Music & Arts
Corina van Eijk
NTR Television and Opera Spanga
HD available

Donna Giovanna is after Rigoletto (2003) and Samson and Delilah (2006) the third operafilm presented by Opera Spanga. Donna Giovanna is a female version of the male womanizer. She is a tragic personality, whose self-confidence is based on a shaky ground: her admirers. And although we condemn her behavior, we can’t withstand the repulsive wish to hold her in our arms.

Donna Giovanni contains all the ingredients for a very mercurial and dazzling film. There’s lust, love, betrayal, guilt, humour, pain, murder, resurrection and punishment in this comedy directed by Corina van Eijk. The film is cartoonish and at times sexually obsessive, while when there’s tragedy the risible is never far away. Donna Giovanni balances on a thin line between subtle and vulgar, tragic and sentimental and hilarity and seriousness.