Dede: Mehmet with the Yellow Boots

Drama Shorts
Multi/culturalism, Roots, short drama youth, Turky
Tamara Miranda
Corrino Media Group and KRO-NCRV Television
HD available

DEDE is a feel-good film about the quest of the eleven year old Merel to find her biological Turkish grandfather. During this journey she becomes entangled in funny and difficult situations and she meets surprising, extraordinary characters who contribute to her personal growth.

The film starts with a major event: the discovery of a ‘great secret’, namely Merel’s real grandfather is the Turkish migrant worker Mehmet. When you see him in Merel’s dream, you can totally imagine that her flamboyant grandmother Tini fell for the handsome Mehmet. Merel’s mother Selma has always known she had a Turkish father. Her mother’s fear of the unknown, coupled with her loyalty to her deceased stepfather Teun, is an understandable but difficult obstacle to Merel, but she manages to overcome this thanks to her curiosity and determination. The eleven year old Turkish Emre helps her in her quest. He becomes like a brother to Merel. When he has to recognize that not all girls are Barbie dolls, he’s finally ready to do anything to help her to get her family ‘complete’ …