Days at the Lennon Park

Society & Culture
Annelies Kruk
Annie Film & Trueworks
IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary
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Juan, aged 95, works as a custodian at the John Lennon park in Havana. The park is like a little metaphor for Cuba, as an (socialistic) island where people live their lives and where Lennon is a link to the outside world but at the same time the embodiment of dreams and ideals. His job is to put on Lennon’s (famous round) glasses on the statue in the park, visited and photographed by tourists from all over the world. Every day Juan is accompanied by other park ‘residents’. To each and every one of them the statue has its own meaning.

To Ondina, it represents the ideals of the Cuban Revolution, to Rodolpho, a veteran, it symbolizes Lennon’s heroism as ‘peace activist’, to Ernesto the statue feels like an old friend and to Juan …… it’s a way to make money and an opportunity to meet women.