Children of the Webcam

Social Issues Society & Culture
Pedophilia, Philippines, Webcam Sex
Jacco Groen
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Children of the Webcam is a powerful and disturbing film about the rapidly growing new phenomenon of child sexual abuse via webcam.

Filmmaker Jacco Groen follows the painstaking quest of journalist Peter Dupont. During the film, the makers transform from investigative journalists into undercover pedophiles infiltrating a webcam-network into Police-assistants contributing to the biggest rescue raid in the Philippines of a children’s cybersex den.

In the slum areas of the Philippines, there are tens of thousands of vulnerable and desperate children who are exploited by neighbors or their own family to perform live sex in front of a webcam. The mainly Western customers – sitting safe and sound behind a computer screen in their living rooms – dare to ask for even younger children and more sadistic acts. With no system in place, the international law-enforcements are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with this type of cybercrime because it is almost impossible to detect and prove.

This documentary is built around the astonishing story of journalist Peter Dupont’s investigation of this cybercrime by managing to earn the trust of some webcam sex den operators in the Philippines. Through these connections, he gets access to their email account, finding shocking messages and requests from child sex offenders all over the world alongside their data and IP-addresses. With this discovery the filmmakers begin a crusade to free all the girls.