Chasing a Million

Albert Klein Haneveld, experiment, gambling, game, Las Vegas
Albert Klein Haneveld en Stefan Egberts
HD available

Can you make a fortune by swapping one thing for another? Albert and Stefan believe it can be done. They start their experiment with a free rabbit from a second-hand goods website. What follows is an unusual and highly unpredictable adventure. Within three years – and against all odds – they swap to a luxurious appartment on a ski-slope in Southern Germany.

It started out as an innocent adventure. But as the stakes get higher, Albert and Stefan’s friendship is compromised. Do both of them share the same motive? In an ultimate attempt to solve this dilemma Albert and Stefan decide to travel to Las Vegas.

Will they both succeed in their attempt to get rich without putting in a single day of work? Or will this adventure leave them empty-handed?