Blind Fortune

Society & Culture
Blind Fortune
60' and 73'
Ramon Gieling
Pieter van Huystee Films and IKON Televsion
HD available

This a film about the blind lottery ticket sellers in Malaga. In every Spanish city, fortune hunters buy their lottery tickets from the blind vendors in their street-corner kiosks. The Vendors work for ONCE, the Spanish national organization for the blind that provides them with employment and education.

Some have been blind since birth, while others lost their sight through accident or illness. The blind protagonists in Malaga talk openly and thoughtfully about how they perceive their surroundings. The camera follows them as they go about their daily business and observes how other senses take the lead when they’re walking, cooking and communicating with other people.

We also get to see the world from the perspective of the visually impaired. What remains of their visual experience? These scenes are interspersed with stories of lottery winners and losers. Does money make you happy, or is the idea of a wealthy life merely an illusion?