Beatrix: Queen of the Netherlands

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Queen Beatrix abdication
Etienne Glebbeek
NOS Television
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This documentary paints a picture of the life and work of Queen Beatrix, from her birth in 1938 until the moment she announced her decision to abdicate in 2013.

The documentary includes footage of Beatrix as a baby, her time spent in Canada during the Second World War, her marriage to Prince Claus, as mother of three sons and as grandmother to eight grandchildren. In 2002 she lost her most important advisor, Prince Claus. In the last year of her reign, her son Prince Friso was buried in an avalanche and has been in a coma ever since.
We also see Queen Beatrix from 1980 as head of a nation, as ‘mother of the nation’ and as a monarch who has fulfilled her constitutional duties almost without controversy.