Backlight: Youtopia

Backlight Human Interest Society & Culture
Kees Brouwer, Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Thomas Kaan
VPRO Television
HD available

Shortly before the local elections and inspired by the TV reality show Utopia, Backlight, together with newly-minted professor of community development Justus Uitermark, looks at how people would build their community if they could start afresh.

We visit three local communities with people going against the existing (political) system and trying to do things differently: the post-capitalist hackers’ colony Calafou, just outside Barcelona, the Hungarian eco-village Galgahéviz, which has closed itself off from Europe and is self-governing, and freethinking Bristol, which was named England’s best and happiest city.

What are these communities doing differently, what do we need to agree on, and what can we live without? Are these communities more free or is it the opposite? And what does it say about the world we live in now?