Backlight: Seed Battles

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Kees Brouwer
VPRO Television
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Hidden deep inside a massive mountain in inhospitable Spitsbergen is the most important vault in the world: the Global Seed Vault. It is 20 degrees below zero and the vault is able to withstand earthquakes, floods, missile attacks and nuclear disaster. It’s Noah’s Ark for our food production with the largest diversity in seeds from all over the world, a backup of as many crops as possible and the toolbox for seed breeders. This is vital, for by 2050 there will be 9 billion mouths to feed.

The ‘Doomsday Vault’, as it is called today, and its worldwide mission, is the life’s work of the inspired American professor Cary Fowler. In February 2013, on the occasion of the vault’s five-year anniversary, he met with an international management committee in Spitsbergen to discuss the current deadlock. Backlight gains an insight into the worldwide political and strategic game that is being played. The stakes: our daily bread.