Backlight: E-stonia- a start-up country

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Shuchen Tan
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In the very north-east of Europe, on the border of Russia, lies the small country of Estonia. Per capita, Estonia has the most start-ups; internet access is considered a human right and all Estonians have free wifi. Whatever is new in the field of digital society has been tried out and used here first. The first e-residents have given their fingerprints for a virtual residence permit. The eyes of cosmopolitans, entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley venture capitalists are on it.

Featuring: Edward Lucas (journalist, UK), Hamid Tahsildoost (Skype), Toomas Henrik Ilves (president, Estonia), Kristo Käärmann (Transferwise), Slim Sikkut (ICT councillor, Estonia) and captain Uko Valtenberg (chief cyber range, Estonian Defence Forces).