Awake in a Bad Dream

Society & Culture
breast cancer
114' and 2 x 54'
Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster
Human Television and Lataster Films
Dioraphte IDFA Award for Dutch Documentary 2013
HD available

This touching film follows Ingrid, Vicky and Sabrina as they face inevitable and painful choices at the hospital after being diagnosed with breast cancer. They are working towards recovery through often tough and painful treatments, but are acutely aware that the disease can rear its ugly head again without warning.

Their sense of self-esteem is at stake, it has eroded their sense of femininity. Hoping against hope, the three women tackle the disease with tenacity and humor in this ode to the zest for life and to resilience. Again, acclaimed filmmakers Peter and Petra Lataster succeed to film in a  very personal and intimate way showing how  the three women and their partners try to regain a hold of their lives.