Backlight: Offline is the New Luxury

August 3, 2016 , ,

To be online all the time and everywhere. It sounds great, but it has its drawbacks. As digital networks are closing in, there are fewer places to be really on your own. Being offline is becoming a luxury. Where can you be offline? For those who, from time to time, wish to escape smartphone and Wi-Fi signals, VPRO introduces the international White Spots App (only downloadable in the Netherlands).

Backlight: Radical in Birmingham

November 27, 2017 , , ,

In Birmingham, the second largest city in England, one in five residents is Muslim. Stigmatization and exclusion ensure that young Muslims are sympatric to messages from jihad recruiters. A remarkably high number of convicted Islamists have a connection with Birmingham, also known in British media as the ‘Jihadi Capital.’

Backlight: All in the Game

October 5, 2017 , , ,

The game Horizon Zero Down has garnered immense praise since the worldwide release in early March.

Backlight: The Fair Business

March 8, 2017 , , ,

Designer Bas van Abel decided to create a mobile phone, while exploiting man and nature as little as possible.

Backlight: Cyberjihad

June 13, 2016 , ,

Jihadists are fighting a war on social media. The propaganda they spread is getting ever more professional. Which virtual weapons will ISIS deploy to radicalise young people in the West? Why do young Europeans fall for ‘the medieval reality show’ of ISIS?

Backlight: The Rise of vertical Farming

October 5, 2017 , , ,

Our food system is currently organized very inefficiently. Our food travels for many kilometres, uses an excessive amount of water, is wasted on a tremendous scale and also contaminates the environment.

Backlight: The End Of Cheap Nature?

November 27, 2017 , ,

Everything of value is defenseless. That is especially true when it pertains to nature, which we are losing on a large scale at an accelerated rate. For the global preservation of nature there is 300 billion dollars needed, but worldwide there is only 51 billion being made available per year.

Backlight: The Smart State

November 23, 2015 , ,

We think new technology is developed by hip companies like Google and Apple. But is this true? VPRO Backlight explores the innovation climate in Europe, to find out what role governments and the private sector play in this. Who finances the development, and who profits from it?

Backlight: Superfortress Europe

March 8, 2017 , ,

The budget Brussels makes available for European border protection has increased by billions in the past few years. The reason: terrorism and the growing numbers of refugees.

Backlight: The Age of Mankind

March 15, 2017

The destructive influence of mankind caused Dutch scientist Paul Crutzen to introduce a new geological era: the Anthropocene, or the age of man.

Free Sounds: Iván Fisher

April 15, 2016 , , ,

VPRO Free Sounds travelled to Budapest, city of birth of the director and composer Iván Fischer who, with his Budapest Festival Orchestra, is working on the registration of Gustav Mahler’s intractable 7th Symphony.

Backlight: TTIP Might is Right

November 16, 2015

The proposed free trade agreement between the US and Europe (TTIP) causes concern about the European right to self-determination. The most controversial part of TTIP is ISDS: investor-state dispute settlement. ISDS will make it possible for companies to sue governments that damage their investments. But is this arbitrage system where a few investment lawyers decide over billions of taxpayers money a protection of our business interests, or a threat to our democracy?


June 12, 2014

Three youth programs have been awarded with a PRIX JEUNESSE during this edition of the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL. The short drama Mimoun (VPRO and BIND) has won the PRIX JEUNESSE Theme Prize. In the category Special Prizes: Best Children’s Programmes of the last 50 Years the short documentary The Day I Decided…To be Nina (VPRO) and in the category Heart Prize the series My Father (VPRO and NL Film and TV).

Backlight: The Cleantech Future

June 6, 2012

What if we could live in a clean world?

Backlight: Waste = Food

July 26, 2006

A documentary about the Cradle to Cradle principle: designers and manufacturers should incorporate the recyclability of the materials of which the products are made off.