FC Rwanda

FC RwandaTwenty years after the genocide in which almost a million Tutsis and Hutus were murdered, the government contends that ethnicity no longer plays a role Rwanda. It claims that 98 percent of the population self-identifies as Rwandan, and the soccer >> read more

Awake in a Bad Dream

Awake in a Bad Dream This touching film follows Ingrid, Vicky and Sabrina as they face inevitable and painful choices at the hospital after being diagnosed with breast cancer. They are working towards recovery through often tough and painful treatments, but are acutely aware that >> read more

Ana Ana

Ana Ana This documentary is a is a cinematic poem about four young creative Egyptian women. Most of the material is filmed by the characters themselves, who worked with the film’s directors in a process of collaboration and mentorship over a course of two >> read more

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Latest News

Betrayal II on Serial Drama Shortlist for Banff Rockie Awards

22 April, 2014

Betrayal II is on the shortlist of 24 programs that are being considered for nomination in the Serial Drama category.

The Rockie Award for Serial Drama is one of the most sought after and competitive prizes in the broadcasting community. Other titles on the shortlist are House of Cards, Downtown Abbey en Orange is the New Black.

Banff World Media Festival is a yearly international media event held in the Canadian Rockies dedicated to world television and digital content.

Betrayal is produced by VARA. The third season is now in production.

Backlight continues succes

15 April, 2014

Documentary series Backlight is continuing its succes. At MIPDOC the Backlight titles The European Security Complex, Bye Bye Car, and Seed Battles did very well, resulting in deals with YLE Finland, SPIEGEL TV and many interests.

All Backlights have been produced by the VPRO and handle different subjects, with “future affairs” as a reccuring theme.

Recently NPO Sales has sold package deals of Backlights to Catalunya, Poland, Ireland, Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In line for In Line for Anne Frank

3 April, 2014

Day in, day out, year after year, a long line can be seen in front of the Anne Frank House. A line of patient waiters, consisting of all possibly nationalities. But today they are not only there because they want to enter the Anne Frank Museum (the famous Achterhuis), but because they are attending the premiere of In Line for Anne Frank.

In this documentary we search for extraordinary stories from that line for the hiding place of the most famous victim of the Second World War.

This production from The Media Brothers in cooperation with the NOS has been taken on as a pre-buy by VRT.

Hot Dutch titles in Toronto

21 March, 2014

Hot Docs (April 24- May 4) has announced it program and we are proud to say that two of our titles have been selected: Wild Boar and The Nose.

NPO Sales also has several programs in The Doc Shop, including new titles My America and The Next Big Thing.



12 March, 2014

This April NPO Sales will be participating in MIPDOC and MIPTV  to represent the programmes of the Dutch Public Broadcasters and Independent Producers. A selection of our latest titles will be available in the video library during MIPDOC.

Latest Productions

My America

March 4, 2014 America, documentary series

My America is an insider’s look at the country Europeans love to hate: America. Journalist Michiel Vos travels around the USA to find out what it really takes to become an American. read more

Land of Promise

November 8, 2013 post-war immigration

In Land of Promise we see how, since the 1950s, immigration has irreversibly changed the societies of Europe and why it will continue to do so.

The film is made out of beautiful and often provocative international archive material. Clips from talk shows, radio programmes, documentaries and feature films guide us through the debates of past decades that have helped to shape change in Europe. Post-war immigration is shown from a new perspective. read more