• LK_Ma met slang

    The Lion’s Den

    Daniël and Suzina Durvers aren’t ordinary children, who live in an ordinary house. No, together with their parents, their kid sister Littel and their grandpa, they live in the middle of Durvers’ Zoo. That’s because Daniël and Suzina’s father is the director of the zoo, which has existed for almost 100 years and has always been handed down from father to son. lees meer

  • Backlight Fake for Real1

    Backlight: Fake for Real

    What is real and what is fake these days? This question presents itself more and more frequently, whether it’s in regard to newspaper photos, designer bags or the human body. lees meer

  • stella parton


    Brothers and Sisters. You don’t get to choose them but your family bond lasts a lifetime. Sometimes they are your trusted friends, sometimes they are your rivals. But what is it like when your sibling is a megastar, an icon? We meet siblings Leon Hendrix, George Obama, Vanessa Branson and Stella Parton.

    bron foto: Pim Hawinkels lees meer

  • AllesMag.tygo hand - BIND

    Anything Goes

    After moving to Amsterdam, 11-year-old Tygo from Brabant gives a class talk about carnival. What starts as a general explanation of the festival, turns into a personal and poignant account. lees meer

  • Sex voor 5 Euro

    Sex for 5 Euro

    An investigative documentary about child prostitution in Brazil.

    Fortaleza, Brazil. Out to earn money, under-age girls loiter in the bars lining the boulevard, looking for men. Often foreign men, tourists, interested in young girls. The girls are picked up along abandoned exit roads. How can 12-year-old girls entering prostitution escape the vicious circle of poverty, violence and drugs? lees meer

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Latest News

Anything Goes goes Tokyio

29 August, 2014

Anything Goes (Director: Steven Wouterlood) wins The Best Short Film Award Kinder Jury at the Tokyio Kinder Film Festival.

Midnight Butterfly wins a Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award

20 August, 2014

Midnight Butterfly, the last days of Priscilla is among the winners in the category Best TV-Documentary of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2014 and will be awarded with a Dolphin during the Awards Gala, October 2nd in Cannes.

P&LFF Award for 69: Love Sex Senior

6 July, 2014

The documentary 69: Love Sex Senior (VPRO and Zuidenwind Filmproductions) is the winner of the Best Documentary Award at the P&L Film Festival (Peace and Love Film Festival) in Sweden.


11 June, 2014

Three youth programs have been awarded with a PRIX JEUNESSE during this edition of the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL. The short drama Mimoun (VPRO and BIND) has won the PRIX JEUNESSE Theme Prize. In the category Special Prizes: Best Children’s Programmes of the last 50 Years the short documentary The Day I Decided…To be Nina (VPRO) and in the category Heart Prize the series My Father (VPRO and NL Film and TV).

Special Mention for Killing Time at Krakow Filmfestival

6 June, 2014

During the 54th edition of the Krakow Film Festival the doucmentary Killing Time has won the Special Mention Award.

Latest Productions

Backlight: The Greedy Brain

May 2, 2014 backlight

In  science fiction films the minds of scientists are downloaded into computers and criminal brains are connected with the Internet. Interesting, but how does it work in real life……?

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Backlight: Between Egypt and Gaza

November 22, 2011 Gaza

In an 11-kilometre strip of land between Egypt and Gaza we find 1400 tunnels that are the heart of the local economy. While under the Mubarak administration the Egyptian government officially supported the embargo against Gaza, it turned a blind eye to the illegal supplies through tunnel routes between Egypt and Gaza
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