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Just Kids wins Banff Rockie Award

9 June, 2015

The episode How Ky turned into Niels from the series Just Kids (directors: Els van Driel, Susan Koenen, Eefje Blankevoort and Anneloor van Heemstra, producer: IKON Television)  is awarded at the Banff World Media Festival with a Banff Rockie Award in the category youth non-fiction.



Nipkowschijf for Our Man in Tehran

19 May, 2015

The series Our Man in Tehran (director: Roel van Broekhoven, producer: VPRO Television) is awarded with the prestigious Nipkowschijf. In this 4-part series journalist Thomas Erdbrink (correspondant for the New York Times and Dutch news channel) shows us an unique point of view of Iran. Watch the trailers of the series here.



Sheffield Doc Fest 2015

11 May, 2015

NPO Sales will be present at the coming Sheffield Doc Fest (June 5-10). A selection of our programs is available in the video library during the event. Among them are Killer Slope, Plaza Man, In My Britain, Our Man in Tehran and :Puck and the Riddle of Codes.


Our Man in Tehran - Still 1

Our Man in Tehran covered in the US Media

11 May, 2015

The beautiful documentary series Our Man in Tehran (Thomas Erdbrink, VPRO Television) has been picked up by the US Media. To watch the interviews with the director of the series Thomas Erdbrink, and related news coverage click on the option more.

Storming Paradise - still 9website

Storming Paradise sold to ZDF

25 April, 2015

The documentary Storming Paradise (director: Floor van der Meulen, producer: BNN-VARA Television, KeyDocs and  CoBo) is acquired by ZDF, Al Jazeera Channel and  Acht. In this documentary the director Floor, has managed to follow closely a group of young western men, that decides to leave their safe country and home and to travel to Syria to become a Jihad fighter.