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NINNOC wins in Hamburg and Warsaw!

13 June, 2016

We are happy to announce that our youth documentary  NINNOC by Niki Padidar received the Mo-Award (films for children between 9 and 12 year olds) at the 18th Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival in Hamburg. Moreover, the film was also awarded the price for the best short film for kids at the 4th KINO W TRAMPKACH International Film Festival held in Warsaw.

Parts of the jury reports:

„The filmmaker did a magnificent job . She has found ravishingly beautiful images for an incredible interesting topic. And she succeeded in representing different Emotion in a touching yet credible way.“

„This film can certainly help to help. Ninnoc shows how important it is to pay attention to one another, and to listen to people who are alone. And how stupid the question “Are you OK” can be, if you are feeling as if you have just been hit by a car.“

You can screen NINNOC by clicking here.


Sheffield Dok Festival 2016

2 June, 2016

The Sheffield Dok Festival will almost start (10 – 15 June). And we are there.  Please contact Kaisa Kriek ( if you want to meet and discuss our programmes.

During the festival a selection of programmes is available in the video library for screening:


BANFF World Media Festival

2 June, 2016

Next week the BANFF World Media Festival (12 – 15 June) will  start. By then the nominees for  the popular BANFF Rockie Awards will learn if they will bring home this very wanted award.  The nominies are; from the series Just Kids (IKON)  the episode A Year Without My Parents is nominated in the category Youth Non-Fiction. In the category Music and Variety,  the family entertainment series MINDF*CK (AVROTROS) has received a nomination. Last but not least, the documentary Paolo Ventura – The Vanishing Man (NTR), is nominated in the category Arts and Performance.


Sunny Side of the Doc

2 June, 2016

From 20 – 23 June Sunny Side of the Doc will take place in La Rochelle. NPO Sales has selected a number of 10 programmes for the video library during the market. Our sales agent madame Ines Pezet founder and woner of Ines Pezet Licensing will be available during the market to meet with you if wou want to talk some more. Please contact to set up a meeting with Ines Pezet.



Festivals short film Dede: Mehmet with the Yellow Boots

2 June, 2016

The youth short film Dede: Mehmet with the Yellow Boots is selected for Festiwal Kinolub in Karakow Poland (19 – 23 June) and the Berlin Short Film Festival (30 June- 4 July). DEDE is a feel-good film about the quest of the 11- year- old Merel to find her biological Turkish grandfather.